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Alexandrian Embassy in Cairo

Eskandaranaya - Sat, 23/06/2007 - 7:29pm
From the Face book
By: Abdallah Hendawy
Due to the huge numbers of the Egyptian citizens that requesting the Alexandrian Visa , so the Alexandrian Ministy of Forgein Affairs decided the following .

The Egyptian Citizens who are applying for Alexandiran " Chinckl " visa , they must prepare the following .

1- Fill in the Application of requesting the Visa
2-100 Alexandrian Dollars which equals 12,000 L.E
3- 8 Complete pictures for you ( face , and back )
4- Invitation from Alexandrian citizen who has 2 alexandrian parents
the invitaion must be in original , no faxes or printed emails will be accepted )
5- A valid passport for 1 year after going back from Alexandria.
6- Life time Insurence
7- Bank Account approves that you have not less than 100,000 American Dollars or its equal in Alexandrian Dollars
8- Certificate of " TOAFL " ( Test of Alexandrian as Foreign Language )
9- Copy of Plane ticket , as the Land ports of Alexandria will be exclusive for the Alexandian Citizens only .
10- coverage letter from the work distination.
The process of issuing The Visa takes 2 Lunar Months and the primarly accepted Applications will be Interviewd.

Important Remarks for applicants :
A - Alexandria Air ports are only open for the Egyptian Citizen from 10 AM to 11:30AM , after this times they have to wait to the second shift in the second lunar day.
B- No cameras, Mobiles, Electronic watchs or Laptops will be allowed either on board or to entre to Alexandria . ( Handbags are not allowed on board).
C- Egyptian Citizen are only Allowed to come to Alexandria through the Following Air lines companies other wise they will not be permitted to
get in,
1- Air France ( el faransawy beta3 damanhour tanta banha transit )
2- Iberia ( el aspany fi menno transit fi tanta bas )
the most important airline is :
3- S 7 M Airlines mother company ( S 7 M ) Safer 7atmoot Ma7rook which is landing in ( Sidi Gaber Airport ).

Egyptian Citizens are strongly restricted to get on any plane of the Alexandrian Air Ways planes
D- Marriage between Egyptian Citizens and Alexandrian Citizens are strongly forbidden and Any Egyptian Citizen is seeking to Marry any Alexandrian Citizen will be immediately arrested

Written by The Alexandrian Ambassador
Abdallah Hendawy

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