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cut YOUR optimistic shit off and prepare for a hard battle :D

Mohammed Sameer's Friends' Facebook Notes - Sun, 12/06/2011 - 6:58am

you have to presume the worst will happen .. not only because history reality, and Humanity indicate that the worst is just more likely to happen, but also just to be prepared .. There is absolutely nothing in the phenomenology of our current reality that justifies and invites optimism; that's why all optimistic people i met could state no logical reason for their otherwise delusional feelings of the good that is to come. It's a form of reality-unconsciousness. You need to get rid of that at once before it's too late. There is more bravery in swallowing the truth and accommodating it, perpetually, in one's own consciousness; than hiding behind tranquilizing feelings. I say this only because i believe there is a big and tough fight ahead, and not because i am defeatist. The optimist is the one who is defeatist, since his sense of success and achievement is divorced from reality. He believes winning is at hand, or readily achievable, without regard to reality. He believes his muscles will carry him to win in the racecourse, without consideration of the power of his opponent's muscles as well. The optimist is prone to defeat than the pessimist; and then, AFTER the defeat, not only does he continue to be delusional, but also becomes a hypocrite, often attributing his defeat to external factors, or denying it altogether. Be hard then, and prepare for battle !! ;)