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how's my diet?

Mohammed Sameer's Friends' Facebook Notes - Wed, 11/05/2011 - 9:22pm

yesterday was day 3 of my 3rd round GM diet: any fruit and vegetables I want. had orange and mangoes for pre-breakfast and eggplant omelet for breakfast proper hehehe, gisang pechay and bulanglang na gulay for lunch, bulanglang and mango for snacks. problem was supper: bday treat of a nephew at Cravings. decided to have eat all you can salad, skipping the dressings, tuna and eggs and ginataang mongo with bagnet hehehe! just weighed myself and i'm another pound less! today, it's bananas, bananas, bananas and milk.


and rene's into this program as well. same with mariam in wales.