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Israel is like a leprosy colony

Mostafa Hussein, Blogging on the wrong side - Mon, 15/06/2009 - 4:58pm

Creating a nation for Jewish people is like creating a colony for people with leprosy. I am not saying Jews are diseased or lepers but the West, by helping Israel exist, convinced Jewish people that they were better off living somewhere away from everyone else. And put an end to the centuries old 'Jewish problem.' Something that goes against all the lessons of World War II.

The Zionist movement selected an inhabited piece of land through a decision based on fanatic interpretations of old religious texts. They decided to put the original inhabitants, who didn't fit into the new colony, in a big prison.

They learned to fear the people inside the prison because they became prisoners.

The two state solution is not really a change in any situation. Basically the prison will remain the same, with guards and barbwire and the sign on the front gate will be renamed. This will only be the case, if the prisoners recognized that there is a legitimate leprosy colony out there and that it has the right to exist, and by doing so they will be giving up any hope for freedom.

The problem is, you see, there are no reasons to have leprosy colonies anymore. There is a treatment for it and people can very well live with everyone else in the community. Likewise, it seems that nations with more diversity are fairing better in many ways. Diversity is what drives countries now to become more inventive, entertaining and socially just. It is pointless to have a state with only one colour.

This is why I think the Israeli prime minister and perhaps many Israelis are stupid. They can't see that they have been tricked into perpetuating a disfunctional, oppressive and boring state through nationalistic means.