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Transfer mobile phone credit to injured Gazans in hospitals in Egypt

Mostafa Hussein, Blogging on the wrong side - Tue, 06/01/2009 - 11:38am

There are more than 100 injured Palestinians in Egyptian hospitals. Most of them suffered difficult, life-threatening, disabling or disfiguring injuries and they speak of horror stories.

I personally met some of them in three different hospitals. Many of the casualties are civilians including children.

The attacks on Gaza didn't discriminate between civilians or non-civilians.

You can help the injured from Gaza by transfering mobile credit to their phones. A one minute phone call to Gaza costs around 5 EGPs.

All the patients are accompanied by only one family member or a relative. They were quickly transfered from the overwhelmed hospitals in Gaza to Egyptian hospitals. They didn't have much time to take clothes or enough money with them.

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