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A black man is always a suspect

Mostafa Hussein, Blogging on the wrong side - Tue, 25/11/2008 - 7:55pm

``I know many Muslims," he said. ``I used to live in district six. When we were boys I went to play with the neighbourhood kids. Many of them were Muslims. One day when I was five, I found them going to a house standing in a line. I thought we will get sweets, you know. But each one was ordered to take down his pants. I was a kid and I thought I will get sweets. I did so. My mum few days later discovered some blood in my pants. She asked me what happened." he laughed and said "I was circumcised with other Muslim boys!" I asked him about his own kids. "I circumcised both my kids as well. They didn't like it in church, but I think it is clean." His name was Jason a taxi driver, a protestant and lives in Athlone since the forced removals.

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