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Rants heard 'round the Community ver. 9

Linux Hater's Blog - Sun, 13/07/2008 - 4:04am
Nice quiet weekend here. I'm kinda sad that K Pride Week is pretty much over, but that doesn't mean we have to stop making fun of them. I'm sure they'll keep providing us with good laughs as time goes on. Seriously, sometimes writing this blog seems too easy.

Got a few links for y'all today (Thanks to all those who sent them along). In no particular order:
  1. Long time Gnome contributor Jeffrey Stedfast laments the state of Pulse Audio, and decides to do something about it. He comes up with a few patches to make Gnome apps not totally suck when pulse audio has a hissy fit. I believe this technique is called "defensive programming" a.k.a. "dealing with FOSS bullshit." As usual, comments are required reading.
  2. Nate Lawson points out a gaping hole when it comes to review process for core security infrastructure in debian. Again, read the comments.
  3. is kind of a weird site that I can't decide if its just humor or some crazy dude. I hope it's both, since that's always the best. I see they've trademarked The Truth. Good for them.
  4. And finally, if you've been reading Planet Gnome lately, you'll know about how all the devs are wasting their time by creating mockups of their apps with gratuitous tabbed UI's. Ha ha. I get it. I hope Apple and MS engineers came up with at least a 100 new killer features while you guys were working on those mockups. And also, it looks like one of your guys didn't get the memo. I can't really decide what this means. But one thing seems clear, there are at least some people out there who either believe that OSS devs would do this (which doesn't speak much for the reputation of OSS devs) or believe that this is actually a good idea (which doesn't speak much for their own reputation).