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OMG! Microsoft sux0rs!

Linux Hater's Blog - Thu, 26/06/2008 - 12:08am
In case you lived in a cave, let me tell you that an article is going around all the luser blogs about how Bill Gates wrote a pissy email about how he couldn't install MovieMaker.

Sound the alarms people! Microsoft fucked up on the distribution one small program that nobody uses! Surely everyone is going to switch to Linux now! Hurray!

First of all, anyone who has worked at a large software company knows that shit like this happens all the time. Sometimes shit gets really bad and people at the top notice. In this case Bill noticed because he cares, and he did something about it. But you know what? I'm sure there are at least 20 Microsoft engineers who knew how bad things were and either didn't have the motivation or the clout to get things fixed. Just because one of these emails got out, don't fucking act like the company is about to implode. You think MS can't keep it together? I'd like to see N OSS hackers try to work together on something without producing N-1 forks.

But more importantly, you lusers are totally lame because you're gonna use this as yet another shitty argument as to why Windows sucks. Cuz surely, Linux doesn't have any usability problems. We all know it's fucking perfect. Lets totally ignore the fact that I can't easily download a fucking program from anyone's website, let alone Microsoft's. Or how I can't close the fucking lid on my laptop unless I want our freedom hackers to free me of my unsaved data. Or all the other shit I've written about.

Windows has its faults, but Linux has a fuck-ton more. Get a fucking clue, lusers.