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Percona is looking for a Perl and Python expert

MySQL Performance Blog - Tue, 24/06/2008 - 3:01pm

If you’re a Perl and/or Python expert (preferably both), Percona may have a job for you.

We’re looking to either hire or sponsor significant development efforts for some open-source tools for MySQL, including but not limited to Maatkit and the Master-Master Replication Manager. This could be full-time or part-time, depending on the person and what seems to make the most sense. You can work remotely.

You must already be an expert coder. You don’t have to be a MySQL expert, though it will help if you are at least at an intermediate level with it. You must have proven experience in test-driven development. You will be writing clean, efficient, well-tested code. Your work will be open-source and transparent to the world, and open-source experience is a plus. You can expect expert guidance and help (especially with the MySQL-specific parts), but a significant amount of freedom and autonomy as well.

Send your resume and samples of your work to ‘jobmysql’ at our blog’s domain name.

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