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Rants heard 'round the community, ver 7

Linux Hater's Blog - Mon, 23/06/2008 - 5:37pm
A couple amusing links for you guys this morning.

Long time SuSE/KDE users revolt over KDE4 presentation in OpenSuSE 11.0. Circle-jerk gone wrong? A long thread, but a lot of typical "you don't need that feature anyways" talk going on here. But you know, KDE4 is awesome, ok? I've always wanted to be able to rotate my desktop icons, cuz you know, my right eye is about 3 inches below my left, and the whole world looks like it's always slanted to me. Thank you KDE devs for bringing some sanity into my world.

Mozilla developer Vladimir Vukecivic has a fun time giving up on his radeon driver. Read the comments too. Great stuff. But you know, lets blame ATI/AMD for not readily giving away the details of their hard engineering work to a pack of freetard lunatics.

BTW guys, if you have any hope that the shit that I write has the potential to make a lot of those freetards wake the fuck up, y'all need to do your part and Digg, or Reddit, or Stumble (or whatever the fuck you use) your favorite posts. You know all the freetards are swarming around those things. Making sure this shit gets on the front pages of those sites is your fucking civic duty, ok? Go out and vote! And I promise you, it won't take all weekend to do.

edit: Argh. Fucked up the second link. Fixed now.