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MySQL Is back to Open Source Camp ?

MySQL Performance Blog - Wed, 14/05/2008 - 6:11am

Looking at Kaj’s Blog Annoucement MySQL has pulled back on the plans to release portions of the servers as Open Source only.

I am extremely happy to hear these news ! This is good for MySQL as a company, MySQL customers and MySQL users.

I’m hoping Community feedback was serious contributer to this decision, though I know there were a lot of Internal discussions as well. In any case this sends a great message to community - Speak up and you may be heard.

I also hope Marten Mickos took this decision being convinced rather than getting the order from the top as this is only one battle in “what is going to be opensource” war

Anyway thank you everyone who made this happen, in particularly Monty, which I know fought a lot for this.

P.S. This is great news but I’d like to see and know more. Looks like servers is left alone being Open Source, what is about MySQL WorkBench, MySQL Proxy Extensions, MySQL Monitoring software ?

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