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MySQL Performance Engineer opening

MySQL Performance Blog - Tue, 13/05/2008 - 10:15pm

As you know we love to analyze performance of various MySQL features, benchmark, compare, analyze things and post our findings on MySQL Performance Blog. However recently we got too busy with serving out customers and the backlog of things to take a look and write about is just growing larger and larger. So we decided to hire someone who could focus on such tasks.

What are we expecting from MySQL Performance Engineer ?

  • Such person should have a passion for making things to work fast or finding why they are slow.
  • One should have an “evil mind” to be able to put system in the conditions developers would not think about.
  • One should have an “X-Ray vision” understanding what happens on all layers (MySQL, Operation System, Hardware) when for example row is being inserted into Innodb table on Linux stored on LVM volume over RAID10
  • One should understand trusting documentation is worst mistake ever and if you need to find the truth source code is your best friend.
  • One should have good MySQL knowledge including main storage engines, and best have experience using it in practice
  • One should know how one could profile applications - valgrind, oprofile, dtrace and similar tools
  • One should know C/C++ to be able to understand performance issues discovered and prototype or develop fixes for them
  • One should know some scripting languages - bash,perl,php to be able to script benchmark runs
  • This remote position which is open for candidate worldwide. We also do not require perfect Spoken English for this position, though candidate should be able to read and write in English language pretty well.

    If you are such a person or know someone who might be interested, drop us a note.

    You can learn more about our company at Percona web site.

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