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How many people will leave MySQL now ?

MySQL Performance Blog - Fri, 21/03/2008 - 8:41pm

During the recent days we had few announcements of people leaving Sun/MySQL - few days ago I’ve seen announcement by Ronald Bradford and now I see Antony Curtis followed. I know bunch of other guys which are considering to leave or stay.

I do not surprising - how much “better” Sun is compared to Microsoft or Oracle it is still huge corporation and some people just do not like to be small wheels spinning in the huge engine. As for me MySQL became too big couple of years ago so I left MySQL early.

However it is not only the size what matters - MySQL may be able to stay relatively independent branch, though large companies like Sun will still enforce complicated legal, financial and informational procedures especially as it is public company.

What always surprised me in such people is how many people hate new policies/management/culture compared to amount of people who actually decide to take this step. Risk of not having a job, ending up in even worse place as well as financial motivations to stay are enough for many people to “sell their soul”.

When I was talking to some people about my plans to leave MySQL few believed I would go further than talking… It was especially tricky in my case as because my H1B forced me to work for some other company and I did not want to do that any more, it had to be combined with temporary relocation to UK.

Note: I am not saying Sun is a bad company. I have not ever been Sun employee (though visited them for consulting few times) so I can’t say how they treat their employees. However I know it is different enough not to be as comfortable as MySQL for many people. I do not advocate either way. Everyone has to decide for themselves if the new company is good for them to continue their career or they should move on.

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