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Sphinx 0.9.8 reaches RC stage, Docs updated

MySQL Performance Blog - Fri, 07/03/2008 - 1:57am

Andrew Aksenoff is pretty slow with release numbers for Sphinx. By MySQL Users Conference 2007 Sphinx version 0.9.7 was released and today we had just 0.9.8-rc1 announced This minor change in version number corresponds to about double source size (looking at download size) and major rewrite for many portions. Sphinx 0.9.8 snapshots were more stable than 0.9.7 for a long time but I guess Andrew did not call them releases because documentation was incomplete and this just was fixed now.

Hopefully Andrew gets 0.9.8 release out for MySQL Users Conference.

BTW Andrew will be speaking at MySQL Users Conference so if you wanted to learn more about Sphinx it is great place to come.
Also he will stay in Bay Area for a few more days so if you’re implementing Sphinx and would like some first hand help or advice this would be great opportunity.

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