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Speaking on MySQL Users Conference 2008

MySQL Performance Blog - Sun, 03/02/2008 - 10:06pm

Guess what ? I also will be speaking at MySQL Users Conference 2008, which is always excited.
According to session schedule I’ll have one talk about Innodb Scalability Limits and another one together with Andrew Aksenoff about Sphinx.

Looking back at Proposals (+1) I’m surprised only one talk was chosen and also this particular one.

May be I should put more effort into detailing advance session description - I normally tend to provide good choice of topics to conference organizers without too many details, working these out only when we know which sessions are of potential interest. Well perhaps with amount of submissions coming these years and no special “employee” status I’ve got to change the process.

Anyway it would be great to see you all there and we shall have fun talking besides presentations both in the corridors and less formal BOFs.

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