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Data Recovery Toolkit for InnoDB Version 0.1 Released

MySQL Performance Blog - Mon, 26/11/2007 - 8:29pm

As Peter mentioned in one of previous posts, we’ve done huge work developing robust strategies of InnoDB data recovery to provide our customers effective data recovery services and one of major parts of these strategies is our toolkit for InnoDB data recovery. Today I’m proud to announce its first public release which was used to help some of our customers to recover 95-100% of their deleted data.

This release already has a pretty decent set of features:

  • Supports both REDUNDANT (pre mysql 5.0) and COMPACT (mysql 5.0+) versions of tablespaces
  • Works with single tablespaces and file-per-table tablespaces
  • Able to recover data even when processed InnoDB page has been reassigned to another table and/or was partially destroyed
  • Supports all MySQL data types except BLOBs, SETs and BITs (will be implemented in next releases)
  • Has really great set of data filters to define data ranges (for numbers), field lengths (for variable length fields), character sets (for strings), date periods (for dates), etc.
  • Shipped with easy to use tool which could be used to create innodb table definitions based on CREATE TABLE clauses, so you don’t need to write table definitions yourself - you just need to add data filters and get your data back (well, in most of the cases)
  • Results are presented in CSV file format which could be used with MySQL’s LOAD DATA function

So, if you intrigued enough and would like to check it out, welcome to Google Code page of the project where you can find latest version of the toolset code and more links to information resources related to InnoDB data structures and recovery procedures.

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