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Message Box

Drupal Modules - Fri, 23/11/2007 - 8:04pm

This is Fork of the messenger project at

Messagebox has few more features than available in messenger. It currently uses the same database tables as messenger does and will let you migrate over to this version if necessary. It adds the following features to messenger - with more planned.

- send messages to multiple users in one go.
- OG aware so you can limit your users to only send messages within the group
- Adds ability to store sent messages
- Provides a messagebox format with tabs for New Message, Inbox, Sent and Archived (Read Messages)
- Allows you to forward a node as an attachment to a message - adds a "forward" link to the selected content types

Planned features in no particular order:
- Store Messages as nodes - opening up the possibility of creating CCK content as messages
- Extending Ajax to play nice with the tabbed interface - the current tabbed interface is in lieu of the ajax update functionality - however the messenger block is still ajaxified.
- ability to send to messages (shoutouts) to entire OG group by using addresses as og:[group name]
- allowing moderation of messages by group administrator
- email received messages to user

Comments and feedback welcomed.