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Yet another presentation submission

MySQL Performance Blog - Tue, 30/10/2007 - 11:03pm

Looking at the Feedback I got for other Presentations Proposals I thought I indeed should submit general presentation focusing on Web Application performance tuning and explaining how you analyze performance and why do you do it this way, so here it is:

Performance Analysis of MySQL powered Web Applications
In this session we’ll go beyond MySQL Performance Optimization and look at full stack performance tuning for Web Applications. It is practical session about Performance Tuning Methodology.

Several years ago I have heard the talks about Oracle Performance Optimization methodology by Cary Millsap and that was a great talk with a lot of techniques and concepts could (and should) be applied for any kind of applications, including Powered by MySQL.
Now we’re using similar principles in our MySQL Consulting for performance analyzes of MySQL and Web Applications and it works very well.

I also think it is good idea to “spice up” the conference and get some foundational stuff rather than just tips tricks and benchmark results.

Lets see what Conference Board thinks about it.

Also I see submissions are coming at increased rate. Few hours before official submission deadline this talk gets number 815. The one I submitted about week ago got number 372. So expect tough competition this year !

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