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MySQL Support or Support for MySQL ? MySQL Trademark Policies

MySQL Performance Blog - Fri, 26/10/2007 - 8:39pm

What is the difference between “MySQL Support” and “Support for MySQL” ?
In my mind there is not much difference in meaning just first one is shorter and I would use it also because how people would search stuff in Google.

It turns out however there is significant legal differences - first one would be MySQL Trademark violation but not the second one.
I learned it because MySQL contacted me about our consulting company new “corporate” site and rename Services appropriately.

As Monty explained me once MySQL has to protect the trade mark in all instances as otherwise they may loose rights to it. So this is quite understandable. They however are also quite selective - google around and there would be plenty of companies out where which will offer you services named “MySQL Support” or “MySQL Consulting”

The most well case known with MySQL Trademark enforcement so far is perhaps MySQL Front which MySQL asked to be renamed but MySQL Front team instead selected to stop the project.

What worries me is situation with a lot of Open Source project which use MySQL in the name - there is MySQL Toolkit, MySQL Master Master Manager, MySQL Slow Log Analyzer and a lot of others.

Unless developers have secured permission from MySQL these products can be at risk and MySQL may request them to be renamed. As I understand what you’re Open Source Project and make no money out of it does not help here.

Other Projects are smarter with naming, like InnoTop or MyTop which hint on the product names but do not use them directly.

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