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MySQL Users Conference Presentation Proposals

MySQL Performance Blog - Wed, 24/10/2007 - 5:33pm

OK, I am not getting too much people feedback on what would they like to hear about on MySQL Users Conference, so I went ahead and submitted few presentation ideas.

I do not expect all of them would be accepted, furthermore it would be hard to prepare so many good presentations if they are so please let me know if anything of this is of special interest for you. When I would be able to show that to organizers to help with decision.

Also let me know if you have submitted similar talk as in this case there may be way to work together to produce better talk instead.

Hidden Innodb Tuning Options Innodb Storage Engine has a lot of tuning options hardcoded as constants. We investigate if current values are truly optimal for modern systems and if you can get any additional performance.

Investigating Innodb Scalability Limits You may have heard Innodb has limited scalability with multiple CPUs and some of these were fixed in recent MySQL 5.0 versions. In this presentations we will look into which problems are fixed.

MySQL and Social Networks benchmarks We’re looking at typical operations patterns used in Social Networking web applications and analyzing how to implement them most efficiently with MySQL.

MySQL Performance Landscape This presentation compares MySQL Performance with different CPUs, Operation systems, RAID Configuration, File Systems to assist you with your choices next time you select platform for MySQL.

Performance comparison of MySQL 5.0, MySQL 5.1 and MySQL 6.0 Come to see how performance of MySQL 5.1 and forthcoming MySQL 6.0 are different from MySQL 5.0 - we’ll cover different workloads and see when we see gains and when regressions.

Practical MySQL Variables Tuning This session takes practical approach to MySQL variable tuning. Instead of giving you theoretical guesses on what would be right variable values we’ll perform benchmarks and see that.

Searching Billions of documents with MySQL and Sphinx Learn how to build large scale Full Text Search solutions with MySQL and Sphinx. This presentation will talk about architecture of which indexes over billion of forum posts.

Transactional Storage Engines Performance We’re looking at performance at Open Source Transactional Storage engine MySQL - Innodb, Falcon, SolidDB, PBXT and analyzing how things have changed since last summer.

Using Slave Server Without Breaking User Experience MySQL Replication is asynchronous this means you should be using slaves only for reads and only reads which can read stale data. This presentation teaches you efficient methods of doing so.

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