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Progress with ClickAider project

MySQL Performance Blog - Wed, 24/10/2007 - 3:08pm

About three months ago I announced ClickAider to become available to general public. And I think it is about the time to write about the progress we have with this project for those who interested.

The project generates decent interest and we have about 3000 sites Registered over this time, which I consider decent number especially as we did not do much of advertisement and PR keeping it low profile and working out few bugs which we might have.

We use GeoIP DNS based load balancing between “gathering” servers in Europe and US which seems to work very well both providing level of HA if one of the servers goes down and allowing to increase accuracy by reducing round trip. Over time we are planning to get more locations with pair of servers in each so we do not need to use relatively slow DNS based fail over if one of the servers goes down.

We get some 600 tracking events per second on our lighttpd tracking servers which currently works well and there is still some capacity available but we’re still planning to get rid of little PHP code we have left at this layer to get it even more efficient. It would be good to handle some 5000 events/sec per server.

MySQL 5.1 with Partitioning works nicely for data storage with no MySQL bugs hitting us with this project so far. We use Innodb tables now because checking and repairing MyISAM is nightmare and PBXT which could be good for this work is just not ready.

MySQL Performance is in fact the most serious issues we have to work with, even now reporting only clicks statistics for some huge sites like Mininova may take quite a while to generate.

The typical solution for trackers is to have summary data built one way or around and we might need to do some of it for certain most common queries. At this point however we’re looking how much performance we can get from real time aggregation because we want absolutely unrestricted dynamic filters and dynamic timezones and this makes things hard to aggregate. This is surely fun challenge to deal with.

We also continue to work on adding more Advertisers we support and improving a ways we track the old ones. Recently we’ve added support for Vibrant Media Intellitxt (hovers only at this point) . We also now support ShoppingAds even though they are not yet out of private beta version.

Looking at the site we’ve added major improvement of saved reports - now you can create custom reports with all filters you would want to and save them for quick use at later time. For example you can track what are the most popular click directions for US audience compared to general audience or track performance for referrals from given domain name to see if partnership makes any sense for you.

Finally we’ve added Demo Account so you do not have to register any more to see system in action. We used our MySQL Performance Forums site for the demo, which might be a bit low traffic but still good to see how system works. This is the reason why we added Google Adsense Adds on that site.

If you have any other ideas what would you like to see implemented in ClickAider, let us know.

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