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Usernode Guestbook

Drupal Modules - Fri, 19/10/2007 - 9:26pm

So, you have a usernode. Do you want to make further sense of it? ;)

Having a user a node gives also the possibility to post comments on a user.
Let's use these comments as guestbook entries!

usernode_guestbook is another way of implementing a guestbook functionality
besides the former guestbook module. If you want a guestbook that behaves in
a different way to usual comments and you don't have usernode module installed,
use guestbook. But if you have installed usernode already in order to display
users in views module, and you want your guestbook entries to look and to
behave the very same way as usual comments do, then you should chose this module.
For guestbook entries are stored in the comments table, no database tables
need to be installed and both modules are incompatible to each other.
Everything that works with usual comments will also work with
usernode_guestbook, so you can notify your users of new guestbook entries
if you have subscriptions module installed.

usernode_questbook module shows another section on the user's profile page.
The latest comments appear here and also a comment form for immediate greetings.
Everything is automatically themed as comments are, for your pleasure and for
your users' usability.

This module is at very early development state. Use on your own risk!


This module requires Drupal 5.x with modules comment and usernode enabled.

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