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Term Display

Drupal Modules - Wed, 17/10/2007 - 6:49pm

Term Display is a small helper module that provides display options for taxonomy terms on node pages. Options are:

  • default (do nothing)
  • list (remove from the standard display and instead display as a list with the vocabulary name)
  • custom (remove from the standard display and instead display as a comma-separated list with the vocabulary name)
  • none (do not display the term).

For example, say you have an "Author" vocabulary where you list one or more authors of a piece of content. By default, these author names will appear in the list of terms associated with a piece of content. But if you select "custom" as the display style, the author will appear at the top of your content like this:

Author: Nedjo Rogers

To use, enable the module and then navigate to the edit page for an existing vocabulary. You'll see a new fieldset, "Display options". Select a display style (one of the options listed above). Optionally, you can assign a weight to the resulting content to try to control where it displays, but this can lead to unexpected results and is recommended only for advanced usage.

Both the list and the custom display options can be overridden at the theme level.