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Edit term

Drupal Modules - Sun, 14/10/2007 - 3:17pm

Provides a link to edit a taxonomy terms (term name, synonyms, description, weight) on taxonomy view pages.

Currently this is done through a block automatically created for the right sidebar, that only displays on taxonomy/term/123 pages to users with "administer taxonomy" permissions. This edit link is most useful when you are using pathauto to modify your category paths and have no convenient way to discover what the path to the edit link is.

This is a very simple module and creates no database tables. Agaric is quite open to extending this module with optional on-page forms, or edit links next to term links, or mind-reading functionality, but we have no immediate plans. A block with an edit link is sufficient to bring taxonomy into line with the ease-of-use front-end editing access Drupal users have come to expect from nodes, users, views, panels, etc.

Developed by Agaric Design Collective.