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Lightscribe in Xubuntu

Amr M. Kamel's blog - Fri, 12/10/2007 - 10:36am
I have bought a DVD combo that supports lightscribe, of course I wanted to try it but unfortunately it didn't work out of the box you need to install some packages first.. Now I will document the process hoping that it may help someone out there ;).

First, you have to install alien utility, alien allows you to install and convert software packages of different formats like installing rpm packages on debian based distribution which in my case is my beloved distro Xubuntu :)

sudo apt-get install alien

now after we have installed alien we move to the second step, which is installing the needed drivers and software packages to make lightscribe work:

wget -c

wget -c

you might be asking but this is an rpm package what the hell I am supposed to do with it ?!! well this is where alien becomes useful :D, type the following commands in this exact order:

sudo alien -i lightscribe-

sudo alien -i 4L-1.0-r6.i586.rpm

and pheeewww!! we are out of there, congrats you have made it ;)