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Enabling/Disabling query log without server restart in MySQL 5.0

MySQL Performance Blog - Thu, 13/09/2007 - 10:19am

General query logging can be very handy in MySQL on profuction server for various debugging needs. Unfortunately you can’t switch it on and off without restarting server until MySQL 5.0.

What can you do in MySQL 5.0 and below ?

Use Our Patch - With this patch you can get all queries logged as slow queries (with times) and as you can change long-query-time online you can effectively enable and disable debug logging live. Note however this is not 100% equivalent for general query log - for example connects or queries with syntax errors will not be logged.

Enable logging to /dev/null You can enable queries to say “all_queries” log and symlink that to /dev/null. So when you will need to enable queries you can symlink it to something else and run “flush logs” so logs are reopened and written to the file in question. When you have debug info you can just switch it back. Using /dev/null as a target allows to eliminate a lot of log writing overhead and save disk space which can be consumed very fast otherwise. Of course it does not remove all logging overhead - but this should not be major for most applications.