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Looking for High Performance MySQL Interns

MySQL Performance Blog - Sun, 02/09/2007 - 4:35pm

We have yet another opening at MySQL Performance Blog.

We’re looking for Intern position (with limited compensation) to work on project of MySQL Performance research and analysis, developing and running benchmarks under our guidance, writing WhitePapers and articles.

We feel this would be perfect part time position for the Computer Science student interested in High Performance systems design, performance optimizations and MySQL. The work done with us has potential of also being used for course work or diploma project.

The work to be done is with intent to be openly published both in terms of benchmarks code and benchmark results.

Working us you would learn a lot about MySQL Architecture, Unix/Linux Operating Systems and Hardware Performance Optimization, Performance Analysis, benchmarking and load testing plus get your name known in MySQL Community.

What we’re looking for: You must be smart energetic and curious. You should know MySQL and some programming languages (C/C++ and Perl PHP or Python), you should be familiar with LAMP stack and have general Computer Science background. You should be performance hungry, like to break things and take them to the limit and have your results publicly shared. You also should have written English skills.

Candidates please mail to interns _at_ mysql performance