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Working on “High Performance MySQL, Second Edition”, how you can help?

MySQL Performance Blog - Fri, 31/08/2007 - 1:52pm

As you may already have seen announcement by Baron we’re working on major rewrite of High Performance MySQL book - the most famous book about MySQL Performance on the market… which is getting old though. We’ve been slowly working on the book for over half a year now and were later joined by Arjen Lentz and Baron

I think we make a great team and will be able to provide great in depth book on MySQL Performance topic to the market. Me and Vadim have great internals insight and a lot of practical experience in MySQL Scaling and Performance Tuning but our Russian-Ukranian English needs a lot of editing and we’re far from experts writers plus we’re quite busy doing MySQL Consulting.

Arjen has great writers experience - he worked on MySQL Documentation for many years as well as contributed a lot to MySQL Training experience which gives him an edge on how to make material understandable to the people. Arjen also did fair amount of MySQL Support and Consulting while working for MySQL so he can offer us another competent point of view.

Baron has a experience in performance optimization for MySQL and other databases which gives a very important angle plus being author of large amount of popular MySQL tools such as MySQL Toolkit he is surely the man for the job. Not to mention his excellent writer skills - many articles you find at his blog are very smart in depth and elaborate.

OK at this point you should have already seen the outline, if not read Baron’s announcement so we would appreciate hearing your comments on it and what is the most important we would like to hear your ideas about things which need to be covered.

Do you think some MySQL Performance related things are not covered yet in MySQL manual or there is some interesting optimization trick you’re using or anything else - let us know and we may be able to add material about it in the book. Just make sure it is something interesting to wide audience and not specific to a very niche application.

We also will be looking for reviewers. Let us know if you’re interested in reviewing one or more chapters.

We’ll keep you posted as book progresses when we have any more information