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J2MEdit doesn't work on my E61

Amr M. Kamel's blog - Sun, 26/08/2007 - 7:49am
I have found this post about an astonishing tool for mobile devices, it is called J2MEdit, which would turn your Java enabled mobile into a compiler :). I was really eager to download it and start playing with it on my Nokia E61, but unfortunately it didn't work at least not as I expected :( ...

J2MEdit can't interpret my keyboard keys correctly as an example when I press the backspace key to delete something wrong I typed, instead of actually removing character(s) it types on the editor (screen) backspace!!! "see the attached screen shots".

I will contact the guys behind this awesome tool to acknowledge them with this sad fact, hoping that they may fix it in the coming release and let me play with it on my E61.

but I must say to the J2MEdit's team keep it up guys :)

UPDATE: Mykel "J2MEdit developer" has thankfully replied with the solution on how to make it work on Nokia E61, you will find the solution in comments, Thanks Mykel :)