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Drupal Modules - Thu, 23/08/2007 - 7:04am

JSFX is a suite of effects for Drupal. Everything is contained in one module, but the effects can be turned on and off separately.
Currently, the suite includes:
- Memoryblock: Similar to Collapsiblock in JS Tools, but with completely different code.
Activating this effect will make all your blocks collapsible. Using cookies, it will remember the state each block was left in.
- Commenthide: This effect will hide the body of all your comments, and leave the title, submission info, and the avatar, if any.
The effect will add an "Expand Comments" link which will show the bodies of all your comments when clicked.
- Link PopUp: If you use XHML Strict, you know that the attribute "target" is forbidden, so making links open in a new window can be a hassle.
This effect will make certain links open in a new window. By default, it applies to absolute links in the entire site. See README.txt