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Morsi's historic speech today at Tahrir reminds me of an event that took place a year ago

Mostafa Hussein, Blogging on the wrong side - Fri, 29/06/2012 - 8:15am

Sharaf crowd surfing in Tahrir

13 Months ago, we got rid of Ahmed Shafik the prime minister. Essam Sharaf came to Tahrir square on a Friday to 'draw legitimacy' from it. People chanted and asked him to take the oath at the square but he refused. At that time we had no parliament and SCAF had all the powers.

Today, we managed to get rid of Ahmed Shafik the presidential candidate by electing Mohamed Morsi. He will go to the square after Friday prayers for a speech. He won't take the oath in the square but in front of the constitutional court that dissolved the freely elected parliament and after SCAF consolidated its powers with a recent constitutional declaration.

So before your eyes water while watching today's historic moment. Watch Sharaf's speech at Tahrir nearly a year ago.

UPDATE: He did actually take the oath in the square but only symbolically. The scene was pretty impressive but lets not get too excited this time.