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Customise legal documents online

Tectonic - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 8:04am
Now one can avoid the pain of dealing with lawyers for simple legal paperwork thanks to DocumentX, the first website to offer customised legal documents, created and stored online.

From Somewhere Far...

EGYPT - THE REALITY!! ( By Isis) - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 8:02am




She told me she doesn’t believe I’ll be monogamous…

Welcome to Free Software Magazine

Free Software Magazine - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 8:01am

Free Software Magazine is the free online magazine about free software. It is free to subscribe and free to read online.

Malawi meeting to finalise African subamarine cable

Tectonic - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 7:37am
ICT ministers from 20 African countries will gather in Malawi later this month to thrash out areas of disagreement regarding the construction of the Eastern Africa Sub-Marine Cable System (EASSy).

Calling all mobile movie makers

Tectonic - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 7:29am
All aspiring South African filmmakers have a shot at fame, and possibly even fortune, with a new competition seeking videos shot on mobile phones.

BCX strategist to head up Storm

Tectonic - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 7:21am
Storm Telecom appoints ex-BCX strategist, Willem van Rensburg, as CEO as company looks to establish itself as a major player in the South African telecommunications sector.

Issue 18

Free Software Magazine - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 6:30am

Issue 18 is here and with it another bunch of great articles all about free software. We have Andrew Min showing us how to dual-boot Windows and Kubuntu. There's Mitch Meyran's in depth article on 3D desktops and Xavier Calbet's one on Fractal generation. Rosalyn Hunter breaks in new users with her follow up article on using the CLI and Jonathan Roberts gives us all the low down on how to get help with free software. Of course, I'm only scratching the surface... there's a lot more in this fine issue of Free Software Magazine.


Free Software Magazine - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 6:30am

The desktop computer is not dead, but it’s doomed. Laptops are not dead, but they are doomed. And our mobile phones are going to kill them... sounds unlikely? Well, please read on—and let me know what you think. People have predicted the death of the desktop computer and the death of the laptop many times. These death sentences have often sounded like those religions which predicted the world would end by the year 2000—then the year 2000 came, and the end of the world was then rescheduled for 2004—then 2004 happily came and went—and so on.

مفتوح للتعليق نياهاهاهاها

a7lami al-mob3thara - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 6:26am


links for 2007-06-04

Ethan Zuckerman's musings on Africa, international development a - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 4:17am
  • Global Voices Online ? China: Liveblogging from ground zero John Kennedy reports on a large street demonstration in Xiamen, China, where bloggers affiliated with Bullog used SMS to report on the 20,000 person march to protest construction of a chemical factory close to town. Lots of interesting lessons for activis

Google Gears : Your Web applications can now be used even when not connected to Internet

All about Linux - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 3:12am
Microsoft has had a definite advantage in being a virtual monopoly in the PC market. In the past few years Google has been trying to grab this enviable market share enjoyed by Microsoft by releasing web applications which have similar features of popular Microsoft software products. Thus you have Google spreadsheet as a potential replacement for MS Excel, Gmail, Google Docs as a replacement for

Free Software Daily is back!

Free Software Magazine - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 3:07am

Hello, loyal readers and subscribers of Free Software Magazine...

We have a embarked on an exciting new project, and we want you all to be the first to know about it!

We couldn't help but notice the lack of news hub entirely dedicated to free software. Sure, there are other news hubs, but why shouldn't we have one where like-minded free software supporters can get together and share news and info without being bothered by those pesky Microsoft ads and yes-men?

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حاجات على وزن كان

MaLcoLM X - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 2:34am

كان عندي عمة طيبة,مكنتش بتخلف جالها سرطان رحم وماتت
لسه عندي خاله طيبه ,مش بتخلف بردو جالها سرطان ثدي وشالت الثدي الأيمن والسرطان أكتشف في الثدي الأيسر ومعرفش إيه اللي حيصل.

Monotonik netlabel's 2007 releases [380mb]

Legal Torrents - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 1:17am
One of the longest-running net.labels in existence, Monotonik (around since 1996!) specializes in downtempo 'idm'-style electronic music, and presents the 8 releases that make up its 2007 output so far (up to June 2007), including albums and EPs by Ollie Cram, Troupe, Beak, Flutterspot, Same Nice Lamb, Aleksi Eeben, and Chromatic Flights. Plenty of mellow and eclectic goodness here!

قص ولازق

Perhaps - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 12:05am


-مش انتي اللي قلتي لقب مطلقه احسن من لقب عانس

انا عندي 30 سنه عاوزه اشوف الدنيا انشاالله عن امي ما اتجوزت

قصة فتاة ... عادية... الجزء الثاني

جمع الخواطر - Sun, 03/06/2007 - 9:53pm

يُعرف عن المرأة أنها دائماً تعيش تخاف من شبح ما ; ففي العشرينات من عمرها تعيش في شبح العنوسة حتى تتزوج... بعد الزواج و في الثلاثينيات تعيش في شبح انها لن تنجب اطفال حتى يرزقها الله بالطفل...بعدها شبح أن زوجها سيتزوج عليها أو أنه ليس سعيد معها أو أنها ليست ترضيه... حتى يأتي سن الاربعينيات تعيش في شبح مرحلة سن اليأس

People vs. Process

GarfieldTech - Sun, 03/06/2007 - 9:51pm

I am a regular reader of TheDailyWTF. Aside from being thoroughly entertaining, it's a great way to learn what not to do by example. Sometimes, though, they have a really insightful article, like The Great Pyramid of Agile. It's spot-on.

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FSM Newsletter 4th June 2007

Free Software Magazine - Sun, 03/06/2007 - 9:38pm

Hello readers, and welcome once again to Free Software Magazine’s fortnightly newsletter, keeping you up to date with all things free software! Enjoy!

General announcements

It is one big fortnight, ladies and gentlemen.

We have just released a great selection of extra features for all our users! These are:

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كوميديا العربية

bluerose - Sun, 03/06/2007 - 9:37pm

الانفلونزا أجبرتني البقاء في المنزل و بصراحة الواحد لو فاضي هايشوف عجب العجاب



بعد تحذيرات من تحول “ضرب الأزواج” إلى ظاهرة
جمعية جديدة بمصر لكبح “عنف النساء” ضد الرجل وكف تحرشاتهن به



طالب ناشط اجتماعي مصري بالتصدي لما يسمي بموجة “تأنيث المجتمع” المصري التي تقف وراءها العديد من المؤسسات النسائية المدعومة من جهات خارجية، مؤكداً على استيائه من إهدار حقوق الرجل في مقابل حقوق المرأة، ومطالبا بحماية الرجل من ظلم المرأة وكف التحرشات الجنسية التي تمارسها بعض النساء.


بيت افتراضي - Sun, 03/06/2007 - 7:43pm
أنظر إلي صورة لي عمرها ثلاث سنوات واتذكر كيف لم أكن أشعر بارتياح لم كنت عليه وقتها واتأمل الصورة لأجد أنها أفضل مائة مرة مما أنا فيه الآن وأحاول أن أتأمل الموقف


Drupal Modules - Sun, 03/06/2007 - 5:50pm

Adds the ability to convert an address to latitude and longitude using the Geonames API. This is a non-graphical interface. Users simply type the address, click the look up button, and if the address exists in Geonames database the latitude and longitude are returned. Both the address and the latitude and longitude are saved in an additional geonames table. Still working on how this data will be displayed using Google or Yahoo maps.


في حب منير - Sun, 03/06/2007 - 3:30pm
سيبونى اتوة وحدى
عطشان انا عطشان
الدنيا توب قدى
وماطيقش انا الغطيان
مركب تاخدنى لبلاد بعاد
ولقى يصادفنى من غير ميعاد
زمن ياخدنى لمكان
وعطشان انا عطشان
تصدفنى كتير وشوش
قلوب زى البيوت
طريق مابعرفوش
يوماتى عليه بفوت
سنة ورا سنة
اضيع هناك هنا
فى رحلتى انا