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Roll out

Drupal Modules - Fri, 05/10/2007 - 3:31pm

The "Roll out" module is intended to be used on multisite setups. It makes the process of installing modules across all sites in a multisite setup much easier.

The "Roll out" module comes in two parts, a server, and a client.

Menu Translation

Drupal Modules - Fri, 05/10/2007 - 9:15am

This module provides a user friendly interface to translate menu items (requires i18n module).
From an end-user point of view, translating menu items is not really intuitive, and comes with some problems:
- Users have to remember the menu item string, use the 'Manage strings' tab in Localization, fill in the exact string (case sensitive), etc...
- If a new menu item is added, it might not even show up in the 'Manage strings' tab because it hasn't been called yet.

View of Views

Drupal Modules - Thu, 04/10/2007 - 9:20pm

Concatenates multiple (table) views together into one table.

This module is frankly disgusting,

It revolves around the following piece of code

Caixa Penedes

Drupal Modules - Thu, 04/10/2007 - 7:35pm

Payment gateway for the ecommerce package to pay trough Caixa Penedes (

Node Find Replace

Drupal Modules - Thu, 04/10/2007 - 6:31pm

Allows global case sensitive find replace in node body, node title, cck nodes etc.
Running a find replace creates a snapshot so changes can be undone.

CiviCRM Localize

Drupal Modules - Wed, 03/10/2007 - 11:49pm

Enables the localization of CiviCRM profiles by passing CiviCRM labels on user register and edit forms through t().

Webform (Show Own Form Results)

Drupal Modules - Wed, 03/10/2007 - 5:33pm

The webform module is outstanding.

I needed, however, to use it to allow any users of role "Intranet_Form_Authors" to create forms, edit their own forms, and download the results of their own forms but not the results of any other forms.

The existing webform module doesn't provide this (it has "clear form results" and "access form results" but nothing to filter that by node owner). Rather than hack it in, I've added it as a new module that calls back to functions existing in the webform module.

Transliterate filenames

Drupal Modules - Wed, 03/10/2007 - 2:11am

URLs should be a) easily readable and b) must be understood by browsers. User uploaded files can contain special characters that would require escaping, or they can break your site.


Drupal Modules - Wed, 03/10/2007 - 12:16am

This module adds quantity discounts to the eCommerce module. So far it works with eCommerce v3.

User Favorites

Drupal Modules - Tue, 02/10/2007 - 3:40am

Community websites and directories are often chock full of content that site members find useful and interesting. This module allows users to add content to personal favorite lists. Users may view their favorite content broken down by content type, and they can view who else has favorited a certain piece of content if a user publishes their favorites list. This may be used as a ranking system to decide what content is popular with users. As such, this module is integrated with Views for maximum flexibility.

Module in development, no release yet.

Remove Upload Enclosures

Drupal Modules - Mon, 01/10/2007 - 11:15pm

This module removes the enclosures created by the upload module on RSS feeds.

The upload module automatically attaches uploads as enclosures to RSS feeds. There are times where you don't want this.

One case is when you have audio files attached to nodes as enclosures along with pdf files. Feed readers and feedburner may not see these as podcast feeds and may have problems with them. This small module removes the upload module enclosures so this problem can be avoided.

IP Locator

Drupal Modules - Sat, 29/09/2007 - 1:23pm

An ip locator utility and API. It provides a block and an interface for locate, display your visitor's country location.

To display a post owner's country location use (insert it somewhere into the node.tpl.php) the following code:

  if($node->ip_locator_country) {
    print(" ($node->ip_locator_country_code) ");
    print("<img src='$node->ip_locator_country_flag' alt='' />");


Drupal Modules - Sat, 29/09/2007 - 10:16am

A generic dictionary module. It provides an interface to import and search dictionary/lexicon expressions.

IMS Content Packaging

Drupal Modules - Thu, 27/09/2007 - 3:13pm

This module provides administrative and user utilities for exporting content as IMS Content Package (IMS-CP) compatible archives.

Under heavy development.
This module is under heavy development and not ready for production use.


Drupal Modules - Wed, 26/09/2007 - 10:36pm

Loads the Ext JavaScript framework with Drupal. Other modules requiring Ext may use this module as a basis, which in the future will provide some useful functionality as well.

Note: This module will soon be uploaded :)

LDAP provisioning

Drupal Modules - Wed, 26/09/2007 - 8:33pm

LDAP provisioning module provides a user registration process with an optional account approval queue in Drupal and creates user accounts in both LDAP server and Drupal.

It depends on the ldapauth module in the package.

Password Strength

Drupal Modules - Wed, 26/09/2007 - 6:56pm

This module provides a backport of Drupal 6's jQuery password strength checking to Drupal 5. It also adds PHP-based password strength checking and validation routines that mirror the jQuery routines, so that administrators can restrict passwords to only be, for example, "high" strength.

Under development

Drupal for Facebook

Drupal Modules - Wed, 26/09/2007 - 5:34pm

This set of modules and themes turns Drupal into a platform for developing Facebook Applications.

With Drupal for Facebook, you can harness all the power of Drupal in you Facebook App. If you already have content in Drupal, you can expose it on Facebook.

Administration Menu Dropdown

Drupal Modules - Wed, 26/09/2007 - 4:43pm

Designed as a companion to the awesome Drupal Administration Menu module, Administration Menu Dropdown changes the way the Drupal Administration Menu is displayed. Once the module is enabled the Drupal Administration Menu is hidden by default. Upon pressing Ctrl+Alt the menu is dropped down from the top of browser viewing area (pressing Ctrl+Alt again will hide it). The CSS of menu (using the position:fixed; property) is also altered so that it shows up anywhere on the page, not just at the top.


Drupal Modules - Wed, 26/09/2007 - 9:31am

The Site module will allow the creations on 'sub-sites' which can act as independent sites. The sub-sites will have their own taxonomy, content and templates that can be managed from the main Drupal instance.

Facebook API

Drupal Modules - Tue, 25/09/2007 - 4:31pm

Provides a wrapper for the Facebook API client (see This module is purely a back-end connector required by other Facebook modules.

The following module presently require the Facebook API module.

  • Facebook Apps


Drupal Modules - Tue, 25/09/2007 - 1:58pm

Multisearch is a module that present different search-options (engines) in a block or in the searchpage.

At the moment the module has static engines included. For the future is planed a dynamic search-engine-selection (global and for profiles), some ajax-functions for previewing the searchresults from external searchengines in the searchpage (multi-search).


Drupal Modules - Tue, 25/09/2007 - 2:03am

Flex Login block

Login Security

Drupal Modules - Mon, 24/09/2007 - 10:07pm

With Login security a site administrator may add two types of access control to
the login forms (default and block) within a defined time window.
These are the features included:

Taxonomy Timer

Drupal Modules - Mon, 24/09/2007 - 3:18am

Taxonomy Timer allows site administrators to schedule role removal from nodes.

Example: If you have a node that has a term "ON SALE" and you wish that term to stay active for 3 days, you can use this module to force that behavior.


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