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netFORUM Dynamic Facade Nodes

Drupal Modules - Fri, 26/10/2007 - 7:36pm

The netFORUM Dynamic Facade Nodes module relies on the netFORUM xWeb Interface module and allows Objects from a netFORUM database to become Nodes on a Drupal website. For simplicity it uses the same syntax as Correspondence Templates in the e-Marketing module of iWeb, including conditional statements.

Search engine referers

Drupal Modules - Fri, 26/10/2007 - 4:09pm

Search engine referers is a simple module to view the search queries of visitors that found your site with a search engine.

This module parses the referer URLs of popular search engines in you access log and extracts the search queries. Currently supported: Google, Yahoo! and Live search.

CCK Extras

Drupal Modules - Fri, 26/10/2007 - 3:08pm

CCK Extras is intended to demonstrate a variety of "novelty formatters" and "novelty widgets" for editing and displaying assorted CCK fields. While the code for these widgets and formatters works, they're intended more as demonstrations and starting points than production code. Extras include:

OG Menu

Drupal Modules - Fri, 26/10/2007 - 2:54pm

OG Menu is a module that alters the menu module so that groups can create menus which are only visible to them and not other groups. For the moment these menus are created automatically for groups; if a group is created, and a member of that group goes to admin/build/menu, a new menu is created. Members of that OG can add/delete links to the menu but cannot delete the menu itself or see menus for groups to which they are not a member; only users with the "administer all menus" permission have full control over all menus.

Flickr Upload

Drupal Modules - Thu, 25/10/2007 - 11:39am

This is a simple module to upload images to Flickr! and show them with your content.


Drupal Modules - Wed, 24/10/2007 - 7:57pm

Includes a fix to correctly handle PNG transparency in Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.

No case

Drupal Modules - Wed, 24/10/2007 - 6:32pm

Nocase is a simple module that allows for case insensitive Drupal passwords.

Tinytax taxonomy block

Drupal Modules - Wed, 24/10/2007 - 1:02pm

Displays a vocabulary as a tree within a block. Provides blocks for each of the vocabularies on a site. Browsing the terms within a block is done via AJAX like calls, making it quick and a light load on the server.

A demo of this module can be seen with the bird classification on our demo Scratchpad.

This module was inspired by the work of R.D.M.Page on PygmyBrowse. webmaster tools

Drupal Modules - Wed, 24/10/2007 - 12:23pm

This module allows site administrators to enable webmaster tools (financial news, reports, stock exchange quotation, rate of exchange and job search engine) as content blocks.


Drupal Modules - Wed, 24/10/2007 - 11:09am

The salt module allows for Drupal passwords to be 'salted' - an internal string is appended to the password prior to storage - making them less prone to dictionary attacks, rainbow tables and the like.


Drupal Modules - Wed, 24/10/2007 - 9:27am

Paybox payment module for ecommerce

Submenu Tree

Drupal Modules - Wed, 24/10/2007 - 2:45am

For those nodes which are menu items and displayed as such, this module can append or prepend a listing of the submenu items underneath that node. The submenu items can be themed as a submenu, a list of titles, a list of teasers, or a list of full nodes.

Bulk Operations

Drupal Modules - Tue, 23/10/2007 - 8:26pm

Currently, Bulk operations features the download of multiple files attached to multiple nodes as a zip file.

Bulk operations is a work in progress and currently only available in a testing only/beta release. Come back often (or help test, test, code, code!) to see more features being added to it in the future.

Password reset

Drupal Modules - Tue, 23/10/2007 - 8:03pm

The password_reset module allows for passwords to be reset without involving e-mail addresses through the use of security questions. This module would typically be used on sites that do not require users to enter their e-mail addresses or prefer not having to deal with spam folder issues etc.


Drupal Modules - Tue, 23/10/2007 - 6:29am

This module allows users to hide potential "spoiler" content by inserting them between [spoiler][/spoiler] tags. These tags will be converted to HTML by this filter and the relevant CSS rules will set the foreground and background colours to the same value, thereby rendering the text invisible until highlighted.

Visualize Backtrace

Drupal Modules - Tue, 23/10/2007 - 1:28am

The Visualize Backtrace module enables you to visualize the sequential order of Drupal function calls for a given page load in both a hierarchical tree flowchart and table format. This is a developer's tool that parses XDebug trace files in order to help demystify the Drupal API & identify bottleneck Drupal functions.

An introductory screencast demonstrating the visualize backtrace module can be seen here: (be sure to expand to full screen mode.)

Affiliate Window's ShopWindow

Drupal Modules - Mon, 22/10/2007 - 3:33pm

Create price comparison websites with Drupal, using the data made available by AffiliateWindow's shopping api.

Header image

Drupal Modules - Mon, 22/10/2007 - 10:38am

This module allows you to display an image in a block where the selection of the image is based on conditions per image.

Each image, included in a node, can be shown based on node id, path, taxonomy, book or PHP code. Header image works with a selectable node type.

Multiple images (nodes) can be displayed in one block, with each image having its own conditions. Using a weight per node the order of selection can be controlled.

US Congress

Drupal Modules - Mon, 22/10/2007 - 12:56am

Application Module that imports and manages Bills from the U.S. Library of Congress website as CCK nodes. It imports Representatives, Committees, Bills, and Bill Actions. It creates these CCK types when the module is installed, and imports this data on cron runs. It manages the automatic updating of this data as it changes.

German Stemmer

Drupal Modules - Sun, 21/10/2007 - 11:55am

There currently exists no stemmer for german (but dutch, english ...).
This will help the german community to offer better searching
capabilities to there users.

The current version of the search module does not support highlighting
/ marking stemmed key words. The a a patch accompanies the module which
offers the missing functionality.

Custom Filter

Drupal Modules - Sun, 21/10/2007 - 10:10am

This module allows you to create content filter using regular expressions. Once installed, you can import sample filters provided (customfilter_sample.xml) to see how it works. customizations

Drupal Modules - Sat, 20/10/2007 - 10:03pm

Customizations used on itself. It is not meant to be useful to other sites, except as an educational example of the kinds of modifications you can make via a site-specific module.

Taxonomy CSV import

Drupal Modules - Sat, 20/10/2007 - 4:56pm

When finished, this module will allow you to import terms from a CSV file and add them to a (new) vocabulary. The CSV file can be generated with e.g. Excel or exported from any database.

Hierarchies will be supported too:


will be imported as

  • Europe
    • Belgium
    • France
  • Asia
    • China

for example.

Database Replication

Drupal Modules - Sat, 20/10/2007 - 10:49am

This module provides functionality for mutli-site replication system.

It was designed to allow drupal to support replicating databases for multiple instances of the same site without requiring a large number of changes to the drupal core itself.

Only 1 patch is needed to the file

Replication relies on all child modules using either "auto_increment" in database tables, or drupals own sequences table.

Later on we'd like to expand this module to allow master/slave changes from within drupal itself.

Upload Permissions Per Content Type

Drupal Modules - Sat, 20/10/2007 - 6:27am

Allows control over the file upload form per content type, per role. For example, you can turn off file uploads on forum topics for authenticated users, while leaving it enabled for site administrators, while still allowing for all users to upload files to blog entries.


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