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A new kind of Microsoft license

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Sat, 06/03/2010 - 5:10pm

This picture explains why Microsoft doesn't have to be Apple cool to everyone, it just has to be cool to the rank and file developer. Seriously, kudos; a company that can get its advertising on its clients' license plates is a force to be reckoned with.


So someone stole my emacs reference mug today...

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Fri, 20/11/2009 - 4:02pm

I had an emacs reference mug yesterday (which I'd gotten from Linux Pusher), but I don't today. It has disappeared off my desk, to put it optimistically. Here is an old picture of my emacs mug on my desk:


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Taxation for the Advancement of Open Source

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Mon, 29/06/2009 - 7:55pm
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Looking from my admittedly narrow vantage point over European public IT procurement, I see today a structural and very fundamental incompatibility between how enterprise IT is expected to be transacted and how open source lends itself to commercial activity.

This post is about windows and about sucking

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Tue, 23/06/2009 - 3:08pm
This post is about windows and about suckingGranted, it isn't what you would expect when you type "windows sucks" into a text box on the internet, but I can still see how this would be a case of windows sucking.

Nokia N96 battery life fix

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Sun, 21/06/2009 - 2:15pm
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The Nokia N96 gets a lot of stick for short battery life. When I first got mine it wouldn't last the day, but it turns out the fix is extremely simple.

Alfresco could turn Europe open source, but the company needs to care more about its community first

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Sat, 16/05/2009 - 6:53pm
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Towards the end of last year, I was advisory solution architect on a project where I assessed that Alfresco was the right base product to build on. This was a very large project for the Danish public sector (high 8 digits at the very least in Danish kroner), and the bid team understandably wanted commercial technical recourse.

Copyright protects free software; can it also help deter filesharing litigation?

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Thu, 23/04/2009 - 8:20pm
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While the Swedes are busy finding more representatives of the recording industry they can talk into participating in various roles in legal action against filesharers, I thought to write a post to exhibit what is likely to turn out to be my supreme ignorance of IP law.

Having set your expectations appropriately low, how's this for a proposition:

Now, about those Hungarians and their €41 million for public open source...

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Sun, 19/04/2009 - 6:50pm
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So, the Hungarian government has launched a policy to use half of the IT budget on open source software. Effective in a few weeks, which in the alternate universe of public administration is equivalent to yesterday.

The more innocent corners of the open source community have been making much of this and expecting great mileage; it almost feels like a scaled down version of when Munich announced their open source intentions.

Speech on Open Source at the Annual IT Architecture Conference in Århus

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Tue, 07/04/2009 - 7:19pm

I was privileged to be invited to speak on open source at Videnskabsministeriets IT Arkitekturkonference (The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation) this last Thursday in Århus. Those who attended my speech at Open Source Days 2008 will know that I have some points but my delivery can be lacking; I managed to overcome that this time with a bit of preparation. A video of the speech is embedded after the jump.

Rambøll Informatik in the Open Source Arena

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Fri, 23/01/2009 - 10:21am

Disclaimer: the views expressed in this article are those of Josef Assad and do not necessarily represent the views or position of Rambøll Informatik.

Dear Sun Microsystems

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Sat, 15/11/2008 - 5:04pm

I see you're firing up to 6,000 people. Analysts say you're in more trouble than a pregnant cheerleader, and that you've been that way for a lot longer than nine months. Analysts think you should spin off your hardware business (but then, they thought you should spin off Java back in 2003...) And those are your small problems.

Back from Open Source Days 2008, exhausted, and appreciating the great work that went in to the event

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Fri, 03/10/2008 - 5:20pm

I just got back from day 1 of the Open Source Days 2008 conference where I gave a speech entitled "Free Software in the Enterprise: from Use to Community Membership". At this point, I have slept 4 hours in the last 72 so this won't be a long post. I'll just say that the conference organizers have done a brilliant job and I'm glad to have helped fill the speakers roster.

The US Chamber of Commerce is your friend (or, why we Europeans should have as few rights as Americans)

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Mon, 11/08/2008 - 7:46pm

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been getting some attention here and there, mainly for the potential for file sharers to get disconnected. Turns out there's a lot more on the horizon; quite apart from the agreement's potential to ban fairly innocuous practises such as deep linking (boy Google, are you in trouble), the European Commission's Directorate-General for Trade has been soliciting. (pause) Ahem, that was worth the sentence fragmentation.

Danish open source e-voting petition

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Sat, 17/05/2008 - 8:22pm

It's a bee-in-the-bonnet weekend again, and having left the draft petition text up for a week for comments it is now live right here.

Sign it, tell other people about it, if you're on facebook or other social media spread the word, make your voice heard.

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open source e-voting petition

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Mon, 12/05/2008 - 12:03am

You know I have a bee in my bonnet when I blog twice on the same topic in the space of a scant few hours after a blogging hiatus of several months (well it's either that or I'm scatterbrained; your pick).

I don't want to let this slide. e-voting is too important. I'm not the Welfare Minister, but we live in a country where that person should answer to the people and perhaps we just need to shout loudly enough. So I have decided to draft a petition, and I need your help.


Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Sun, 11/05/2008 - 4:24pm

I have been making myself scarce on my own website of late; when you move back to your homeland after 12 years and pick up a very exciting new position with a place as cool as Rambøll Informatik, you'll tend to drop off the radar for a bit.

Thanks to Pinse I now have a long(er) weekend, and there is one thing I wish to piss and moan about. I want to call out the Danish Welfare Ministry.

Free Software, Vendor Relations, and the Underdocumented Edge

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Tue, 25/03/2008 - 5:05pm

I was listening to Josh Berkus speak to Laporte and Schwartz about PostgreSQL versus Oracle on FLOSS Weekly, and a real bona fide gem emerged.

Josh relates the difference in product offering between a Sun supported PostgreSQL and a typical Oracle offering, and it isn't the price difference (significant though it may be) which is the real issue, it is the difference in expectation between Sun and Oracle.

Timing is everything

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Mon, 18/02/2008 - 7:49pm

From Google News on Monday the 18th of February 2008.

Cavalier Egyptian Attitudes to Trademarks

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Tue, 29/01/2008 - 1:57pm

click to enlargeclick to enlargeNow we've seen it all from the Microsoft marketing department: New Windows potato crisps. The puns almost write themselves.

"Them must be some hot chips!"

"Windows, crunchy as a pwned n00b's ego!"

Moving back to Copenhagen

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Sun, 27/01/2008 - 10:39am

Here I come. In one week from now, I'll have moved back to Denmark after living abroad for far too long. I'm still looking for a place and still attracting and evaluating professional options but my bags are packed and, there on the coffee table, see that? Yes, I have the ticket too.

Our two cats are also moving, but only to my in-laws' place in Italy as a temporary measure. Or until my mother in law gets tired of cat poo the placement of which approximates what you'd get piping /dev/urandom into gnuplot.

More writing

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Tue, 22/01/2008 - 9:35pm

I was very happy to see my article, The Free Software hardliner, the Corporation, and the Shotgun Wedding on a few days ago.

For one thing, it is obviously an honor to have articles you've written running there. For another, that article discusses some things I eeded to get off of my chest, and the comments section of the article indicate that there may be others who feel the same way.

KDE 5.0 Available

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Tue, 15/01/2008 - 10:04am

KDE 5 in corporate liveryKDE 5 in corporate liveryFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE[1]

zypper performance

Youssef, or Perhaps Not - Sun, 25/11/2007 - 6:40pm

One thing which I do miss from Debian is how unintrusive the package management is. Neither apt-* nor aptitude really make you feel like the system is under any significant load, which should be par for the course.


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