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New Hackergotchi?

Cacophony - Mon, 25/06/2007 - 12:18am

I feel like this picture would make a decent new hackgotchi (with up-to-date hair!). I wonder if I could bribe someone with better GIMP-fu to make this happen. <twiddle>


Cacophony - Sun, 24/06/2007 - 10:44pm

Going: Best. Choice. Ever.

(Ironically?,) I spent way less time on my computer than I do when I’m at home.


Cacophony - Thu, 14/06/2007 - 1:40am

The Real Cambridge is quite a lot different from the US Cambridge. There are vast stretches of green grass everywhere. People drive little brightly-coloured Volkswagons on the wrong side of the street, and in some places one can be walking down the middle of the street and not realize that vehicle traffic can go there too until a car creeps up behind you, trying to get through.

IBM Takeover

Cacophony - Tue, 12/06/2007 - 9:02am

Made it to the “real” Cambridge in one piece. I’m currently in Dafydd Harries and Matthew Garrett’s living room.

Last night when we were all sitting around hacking and drinking tea, there were four X-series Thinkpads and four people at the table. Clearly these must be smart people.

And Straight On Til Morning

Cacophony - Sun, 10/06/2007 - 7:13am

My internal clock is finding it hard to believe that it’s light outside right now, which might have something to do with the fact that I’m sitting in Shannon, Ireland. Since I only got maybe two hours of sleep on the plane, I wonder if I’m going to crash horribly later today.

A Shiny!

Cacophony - Wed, 14/03/2007 - 5:22am
Huzzah, and on this day, by which I mean yesterday unless we speak in UTC, I have received my account, after approximately one year and seven months going through the process. At this point it’s polite to thank everyone who’s helped one along the way: Debian Women, who poked me a lot in the beginning, [...]

Free Your Music

Cacophony - Fri, 02/03/2007 - 7:17pm
While I’m not a Harvard student, I’m vaguely affiliated through some friends of mine with Harvard Free Culture, a local Free Culture chapter. They are, after all, just up the street. One of our newest projects is the Free Music Project. The goal, is, well, to gather together music under free licenses, both for just [...]

Term Goes On

Cacophony - Mon, 12/02/2007 - 6:23am
In MIT-land, IAP is over, and classes have been running again for a week. This term I’m doing things such as learning Scheme in the intro CS class 6.001, “The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs” — otherwise known as SICP. No DrScheme jokes. Ari, this means you. IAP was great fun — it’s kind of [...]

Armagetron Advanced and Debian

Cacophony - Mon, 12/02/2007 - 6:11am
News flash: gamers and Tron fans everywhere can rejoice; Armagetron Advanced will soon be up-to-date once more in Debian! The last time a new upstream version ( was uploaded was almost two years ago now, and while the Debian package has languished in neglect, upstream has chugged on, fixing bugs and adding new awesomeness to [...]

MIT Assassins’ Guild. Ten Days. Centauri. Badass.

Cacophony - Sun, 21/01/2007 - 10:43pm
LARPing geek paradise. And we’re only on day three of ten. I love IAP. (Assassin’s Guild, Centauri Game Headquarters) (me, far right) Update: Game’s over. I transcended my biological body and became an android the night before game end. It was pretty damn awesome and exciting. (Name badges are race-colour-coded, so new race means new name badge… yay [...]

SIPB IAP Debian Class Slides

Cacophony - Thu, 18/01/2007 - 3:00am
One of the student groups I’m involved in at MIT is the SIPB, the Student Information Processing Board. It’s a volunteer computer group so old that they called it “information processing” back then. They run a bunch of different servers and provide lots of cool services for the MIT community. One of the things that [...]

a real person

Cacophony - Mon, 06/11/2006 - 9:53am
Today, I am 18. It feels exactly the same as being 17, except today I can walk into Blockbuster and not get rejected while attempting to rent a movie. Any movie. (Yes, this happened to me this summer. Not 18? No Blockbuster account for you!)

drinking from a fire hose

Cacophony - Mon, 11/09/2006 - 5:09pm
days of class survived: 3.5 psets handed in: 1 non-pset assignments completed: 1 great dome hacks viewed: 1 I didn’t even catch the September 11th tribute part of it until I saw the flag in Killian Court. Apparently MIT firehose-mentality is taking over my brain. There are some great pictures of East Campus’s (the dorm I live in) orientation rush [...]
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