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Providing a place for merlinofchaos to talk about Drupal and Pastries. "Come for the Unreal Tournament". Stay for the Angry Donuts.
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I published a children's book!

Angry Donuts - Sat, 09/05/2015 - 8:51pm

So a couple of years ago, I wrote a short story for my daughter, mostly because I felt like writing and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

More recently, I decided to get the story illustrated. I hired Adam Fairchild, someone I met over twitter, who did an absolutely fabulous job! I printed out some copies for her birthday, and she and all her friends absolutely loved it.

It's a short, cute story (a mere 30 pages, including illustrations) that I think works for any kid whose graduated from reading just picture books.

Auto-registering Views handlers

Angry Donuts - Wed, 30/10/2013 - 5:34pm

I may be alone in this, but I hate having to list Views handlers in the .info file in order for the class registry to register them.

CTools has a mechanism to autoregister its plugins. Why doesn't Views have this mechanism for Handlers? Because Views doesn't know what handlers actually exist in a meaningful way.

But your module does.

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Be careful of what you get on Planet

Angry Donuts - Thu, 02/05/2013 - 5:01am

While Drupal Planet can be a fantastic resource, it can also be a megaphone used when someone has an axe to grind. It's particularly unfortunate when one of those people don't open up comments. Theoretically useful code that comes with an axe to grind should always be suspect to begin with. When the first thing that the author says about the module the code is for is derogatory, it's a pretty good hint to distrust everything that follows.


VDC Update and Announcement

Angry Donuts - Wed, 26/09/2012 - 6:10pm

The VDC initiative is now several months under way, and fantastic progress has been made. As part of this progress, in addition to making excellent progress toward making the codebase Drupal core-worthy, today we are announcing that Dries has promoted the project from a community initiative to an official initiative.

The team has grown significantly, and even though I haven’t personally been able to participate as much as would be liked, the team has more than made up for me. We are more or less on schedule to meet our goals.

Chaos World Tour '12!

Angry Donuts - Fri, 01/06/2012 - 4:49pm

First, as of the time of this writing the chipin is JUST shy of $7,500. Thanks to everyone who has contributed! This is a fantastic amount of money in a short time, but there's going to be a long way to go! Of course, I don't expect the chipin to be all of the funding, but for right now it's what we have. So please, help me spread this around!

Help Fund Views in Core

Angry Donuts - Tue, 22/05/2012 - 5:18pm

At Drupalcon Denver, I approached Dries with the idea of putting Views into Drupal core for the Drupal 8 release. The idea was met very positively, and I've begun the work of putting together a team and resources and the things required to do this. Obviously, it's a big job, on the scale of initiatives like Mobile, CMI, WSCCI, etc.

Bug Squad Mentoring Hours

Angry Donuts - Sun, 08/04/2012 - 5:23pm

Some time ago, we formed the Views' Bug Squad and built up a group of people to help out in the Views' issue queue. At first this was a smashing success, and we did a great job of getting the Views' open issues queue down. For awhile. However, the realities of the busy-ness of the queue and my general hope to fire-and-forget didn't really work out, and activity in the Squad tailed off, though a couple of members remain quite active.

The Book of Druplicon

Angry Donuts - Sat, 03/03/2012 - 8:06pm

The following is a parody. It might be mildly offensive to some; if so, I apologize in advance.


Training at DrupalCon!

Angry Donuts - Tue, 07/02/2012 - 11:26pm

Last year I officially went independent, turning Logrus into a boutique consulting shop specializing in the skills and knowledge I have to offer big players in the Drupal world. So far, things have gone fantastically well and it has allowed me to branch out a little more in the things I do, and has also helped fund several awesome projects that will benefit the community. Notably the Panelizer, Fieldable Panel Panes and ERS modules are completely funded by clients, as well as improvements to Panels such as the pane locking features.

Panels IPE: The Future

Angry Donuts - Mon, 22/08/2011 - 10:03pm

The Panels In-Place Editor was a fantastic piece of functionality added to the Panels library, funded by Chapter Three (thanks!!!) and implemented almost entirely by Sam Boyer. This feature allows users to designate Panels of various types as editable in-place. This means that users with privileges are given a button at the bottom of the page which allows them to dynamically add, remove and rearrange content on that page. It's much more limited than the typical back end editor, but is much more usable by content managers who are focusing higly on the content.

Community, Inappropriate Marketing, and Aftermath

Angry Donuts - Wed, 17/08/2011 - 4:03pm

Full disclosure: I am a former Permanent Member of the Drupal Association. While I am no longer associated with the organization, I do have reasonably good knowledge of its inner workings and maintain contact with many people within the structure.

On how to fix the modules page

Angry Donuts - Tue, 07/06/2011 - 5:20pm

The modules page in Drupal has always been one of a handfull of pages that I consider flat out embarassing for us.

In the old days, i.e, back in Drupal 4.6 when I started, it was nothing more than a collection of modules, ordered alphabetically, with checkboxes. Drupal was small enough that this wasn't really that much of a problem. And then modules like ecommerce and CCK came along with these large collections of modules and nobodoy could find anything.

A new chapter: Freelance

Angry Donuts - Fri, 03/06/2011 - 4:48pm

As of Jul 5, I've decided to try my luck on the open market, and am going freelance. I formed Logrus, Inc awhile back, and given the market right now, I feel like I can do pretty well as an independent provider. I have a very notable profile, I think.

I'm not severing my relationship with iO1 entirely; I'm staying on board as a contractor and will help them out, but my time is no longer exclusively theirs. Starting Jul 5, I will be available for the following types of tasks:

Updated to Drupal 7

Angry Donuts - Fri, 08/04/2011 - 4:44pm

So I finally had a reason to upgrade Angry Donuts. Namely that Drupal 5 was holding me back from upgrading my webserver to PHP 5.3. So this is now running Drupal 7. Upgrading the theme was a pain in the buttocks, but everything else went smoothly, since I have almost no custom code here.

Views D7V3UI following: Call for contributors

Angry Donuts - Fri, 18/03/2011 - 4:46pm

As a followup to yesterday's article about the new UI, this is a call for contributors.


  1. We could use someone versed in CSS to help make the new UI look acceptable in Bartik and additionally it'd be nice if the 'base' version was at least usable in Stark. We're using a system where we can bring in stylesheets for specific things, so what we really want to do is provide some kind of basis for theme developers so that they can help tune the Views UI to their theme if they expect people to do administration in it.

Views for Drupal 7 enters a new era

Angry Donuts - Fri, 18/03/2011 - 6:31am

Today, I merged the working branch for the Views 3 UX project into the 7.x-3.x branch of Views. This means that, as of midnight, GMT, everyone now has access to the completely retooled UI for Views, that was spearheaded by Acquia and specifically led by Jeff Noyes and Chris Brookins.

Note: To have access to this, please use the latest CTools -dev or latest CTools release. Some things in CTools had to be updated to support Views' use of

A word of advice to Drupal recruiters

Angry Donuts - Wed, 09/03/2011 - 11:36pm

Due to my prominence in the community, I get fairly regular contacts from people who need services. This is to be expected. Due to the volume of these contacts, I have gone out of my way to be difficult to contact directly. I don't have the patience for people directly emailing me with questions about my projects or my book or thinking that somehow I'm going to be cheap labour for their complicated problem.

Contributing to Open Source

Angry Donuts - Thu, 27/01/2011 - 12:06am

There's currently a discussion going around twitter about the idea of a Drupal App Store. Now, I don't actually want to talk about the merits and problems of the idea itself. From what I can tell, what this really is meant to be is a conversation starter for a presentation that Robert Douglass is giving in Brussels. And the idea of an App Store has some very interesting ramifications, some positive, and some negative.

But as I said, that's not what I need to get off my chest.

Drupal's Building Blocks now on sale!

Angry Donuts - Sat, 01/01/2011 - 8:06am

Amazon (and presumably the rest of the book-selling world) now has Drupal's Building Blocks on sale!

To celebrate managing to actually get this book to press, I'll be giving away four signed copies.

Drupal's Building Blocks finally going to press

Angry Donuts - Mon, 13/12/2010 - 11:06pm

The book ended up being long overdue because, mostly, I couldn't manage to prioritize it up enough to get it done.

It took Emma Jane Hogbin to step in and finish a few bits and polish it a little to get this book to actually go to press. It should be printed right before Christmas and will spend a couple of weeks in transit. Amazon says Jan 10, which is probably about right.

Drupal 7 Advanced AJAX Tips and Tricks

Angry Donuts - Fri, 12/11/2010 - 8:54pm

These are my slides and example module for my BADCamp presentation tomorrow.

The Views' Bug Squad is live!

Angry Donuts - Wed, 27/10/2010 - 9:26pm

Last week, esmerel and I wrote up the handbook for the Views' Bug Squad, and we did a bit of a soft launch, only immediately telling people on IRC. This turned out to be a good thing, because a bug on prevented us from actually getting it going, and all of the maintainers who could fix the bug were, unsurprisingly, busy on the redesign.

Forming a Views Bug Squad

Angry Donuts - Wed, 13/10/2010 - 5:42pm

Heather James pointed me at instructions on performing triage in various queues. Naturally, that article focuses on the Views queue, because it is one of the 5 most difficult queues to manage on (To my surprise, GMap ended up being in that list as well.) The things it focuses on are relatively easy tasks, with some suggestions.

Panels and CTools for Drupal 7 released

Angry Donuts - Mon, 11/10/2010 - 11:41pm

Those who have been concerned that there would be no Panels for Drupal 7 can rest a little easier. Today I made alpha releases for both Panels and the Chaos Tool Suite. There's still a few bugs, and there's still a bunch of work left to do, but we're to the point where it seems to be at least basically usable.

Sep 13-15, 8 of us met at the Commerce Guys facility in San Francisco for a 3 day code sprint:

  • Me! (Hi there)
  • Sam Boyer
  • James Gilliland
  • Kris Vanderwater
  • Jen Lampton
  • Jon Skulski

Panels/CTools update to D7 code sprint Sep 13-15

Angry Donuts - Sun, 12/09/2010 - 4:08pm

Thanks to the generosity of Chapter 3 and Commerce Guys, we will be holding a code sprint in San Francisco starting tomorrow (Sep 13) to upgrade CTools and Panels to D7. My sincere hope is that we can get to the point where there is an alpha release by the end of it, but even if we cant we should be able to produce something that dedicated users can start to test.


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