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Bloggers arrested in Naga Hammadi

The Arabist Network - Fri, 15/01/2010 - 4:42pm
Just a quick note to relay the arrest of 18 bloggers arrested in the Upper Egyptian province of Nagga Hammadi, where sectarian clashes and the murder of six persons affiliated with the local bishop (who had been targeted for assassination). Security had said they would be held until after the departure of a delegation by [...]

Articles and more

The Arabist Network - Thu, 14/01/2010 - 4:26pm
Just a quick note to link to two new articles by yours truly: ✩ A look at Muhammad ElBaradei’s entrance in the Egyptian presidential succession crisis, over at the new issue of the Arab Reform Bulletin: The advent of Mohammed ElBaradei as a potential presidential candidate has introduced an unpredictable new element into Egypt’s slow-moving succession crisis. [...]

Links for Jan.10.10 to Jan.11.10

The Arabist Network - Mon, 11/01/2010 - 12:32pm
✪ “Lorsque je commençais mon enquête sur le tourisme au Sahara marocain, je n’imaginais pas être prise à témoin d’échanges sexuels” « Ibn Kafka’s obiter dicta – divagations d’un juriste marocain en liberté surveillée | On sexual tourism in Western Sahara. ✪ What the "Eurabia" Authors Get Wrong About Islam in Europe – By Justin Vaïsse [...]


The Arabist Network - Mon, 11/01/2010 - 12:07pm
Poster for the Marshall Plan A few years ago I was contacted by a young researcher by the State Department’s Policy and Planning bureau, which is a kind of internal think tank. The researcher had written a book about the Marshall Plan’s success in postwar Europe, and was now conducting research into the possibility of implementing [...]

Moufid Shehab and Egypt’s Gaza Hysteria

The Arabist Network - Sun, 10/01/2010 - 10:14am
The Egypt-Gaza border, by Flickr user PiersonrM Inanities, the blog of journalist Sarah Carr, has a very funny translation/commentary on Egyptian Minister of Parliamentary Affairs (and Gamal’s homme a tout faire) Moufid Shebab, who was the public face of the brouhaha over the Gaza convoys. There’s the usual — the “Qatari channel of discord,” the “engineering [...]

The labourer

The Arabist Network - Sun, 10/01/2010 - 7:47am
My review of Hamdi Abu Golayyel’s newly translated novel just came out in The Review. A Dog with No Tail is his second book, after Thieves in Retirement, and it won the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature last year, given out by AUC Press (part of the award is to be translated and published by [...]

The Nag Hammadi massacre

The Arabist Network - Fri, 08/01/2010 - 9:17am
I should be on al-Jazeera English around 11am GMT to talk about the attack on a church in Nag Hammadi, in Upper Egypt, which claimed six lives. The attack was retaliation on the Coptic community after a Copt (from a different area) raped a young Muslim girl in November. It appears to have been led [...]

Links for Jan.06.10 to Jan.07.10

The Arabist Network - Wed, 06/01/2010 - 9:53pm
✪ Video: Egyptian police clash with Gaza aid convoy | | Another good video about clashes between Viva Palestina and Egyptian security. ✪ Rebuilding Afghanistan « London Review Blog | Narcotecture = Drug-financed ugly houses in Kabul. ✪ Israeli television confrontation is ‘a metaphor of the moral crisis in which Zionism is found today’ | Fascinating [...]

Clashes at Rafah

The Arabist Network - Wed, 06/01/2010 - 6:01pm
Following up on the previous post about the standoff between pro-Palestinian activists from the Viva Palestina convoy and Egyptian security, the situation has escalated at the border with Palestinians clashing with Egyptian border guards, one of whom has been reported killed (the second in a week I think.) This is a bad development, for both [...]

Viva Palestina standoff

The Arabist Network - Wed, 06/01/2010 - 9:57am
More info from the BBC: More than 50 people have been hurt in clashes between Egyptian police and pro-Palestinian activists seeking to take a convoy of supplies to Gaza. Protests reportedly broke out when Egyptian authorities at the port city of Al Arish ordered some lorries to go via an Israeli-controlled checkpoint. British MP George Galloway, leading the [...]

Links for Jan.05.10

The Arabist Network - Tue, 05/01/2010 - 4:28pm
✪ akhbare-rooz (iranian political Bulletin) | List of organizations considered "subversive" by Iranian ministry of inteligence [in Farsi]. ✪ The Daily Star – The Gaza scorecard, one year later | Rami Khouri. ✪ Israel approves east Jerusalem building project | Yet another new settlement. ✪ Library of Congress on Islam in Early America « Anonymous Arabist وين [...]

Alaa in the news

The Arabist Network - Tue, 05/01/2010 - 2:13pm
Angry Arab noted this picture in Sharq al-Awsat, showing Prince Faisal, Sudan’s Omar Bashir and Alaa Mubarak praying in Mecca. Perhaps we should start a Alaa Watch regular feature…

After Pharaoh

The Arabist Network - Mon, 04/01/2010 - 12:19pm
Mural of Hosni Mubarak in Assiut I am snowed under with deadlines, so just a quick note on a new article on presidential succession in Egypt in Foreign Policy: Of all the crises that threaten to shake Barack Obama’s presidency, few are more volatile than the ticking time bomb in Egypt, especially terrifying for the very reason [...]

Prisse d’Avennes and Ancient Egypt

The Arabist Network - Wed, 30/12/2009 - 10:34am
A rendering of a purification ritual at the Necropolis at Thebes, from BibliOdissey: Émile Prisse d’Avesnes (d’Avennes) (1807-1879) was an important mid-19th century French Egyptologist and something of a polymath. He was a soldier, engineer, writer, illustrator and talented linguist. From 1827 to 1844 d’Avesnes resided in Egypt, teaching cartography and working as an engineer for a [...]

Links for Dec.26.09 to Dec.28.09

The Arabist Network - Mon, 28/12/2009 - 2:30pm
✪ Get Elected; or, al-Baradei Tryin’ (Part 1 of ???) « THE BOURSA EXCHANGE | TBE translates that ElBaradei interview from al-Shorouq. ✪ Could the Mullahs Fall This Time? – The Daily Beast | Interesting ruminations on whether Iran is near a revolution and the importance of Ashura as a symbol of the fight for justice. ✪ [...]

Getting over al-Qaeda

The Arabist Network - Mon, 28/12/2009 - 11:45am
Marc Lynch makes a good point about the Arab media not giving much coverage to the attempted plane bombing in Amreeka, and its possible al-Qaeda connections: people don’t really care. In most of the Arab newspapers which I follow on a daily basis, the failed airplane plot didn’t even make the front page — or, [...]

Lee Smith’s book on Arab culture

The Arabist Network - Sun, 27/12/2009 - 12:07pm
Much fun has been made in recent years of Weekly Standard Middle East correspondent (whose work has appeared in Slate, The Nation and elsewhere) Lee Smith’s tagline that he is “writing a book on Arab culture.” Well, that book is now out. I’ve read it, and it’s horrible. I did not expect much from Lee [...]

AJE: “What Future for Greater Israel?”

The Arabist Network - Sun, 27/12/2009 - 11:54am
Marwan’s Bishara’s show “Empire” had a special on Israel on 23 December featuring Avraham Burg, Avi Schlaim and Ian Black.

Links for Dec.24.09

The Arabist Network - Thu, 24/12/2009 - 10:29am
✪ LRB · Adam Shatz · Wanting to Be Something Else | Adam Shatz on Orhan Pamuk. ✪ UN gives mud brick huts to Gaza war homeless | I'm not sure Hassan Fathi-style mud brick homes will work in Gaza – doesn't it rain a lot there? This story also does not say whether they are [...]


The Arabist Network - Thu, 24/12/2009 - 8:15am
From Touba via one of my favorite Tumblog, LedgerGermane, which had this great video of Sufi chanting in Chechnya recently: Check out that old guy with the beard!

Amira Hass | Danger: Popular Struggle

The Arabist Network - Thu, 24/12/2009 - 7:10am
Amira Hass on how Israel is working to contain the popular struggle against the occupation and apartheid policies: There is an internal document that has not been leaked, or perhaps has not even been written, but all the forces are acting according to its inspiration: the Shin Bet, Israel Defense Forces, Border Police, police, and civil [...]

Egypt security plans for ElBaradei

The Arabist Network - Thu, 24/12/2009 - 6:47am
The above letter, published by Wael Abbas, is a State Security document giving instructions all the way back in March 2009 to monitor the phone lines of Mohammed ElBaradei, his family, and his wife’s family as part of a comprehensive surveillance plan. As Zeinobia points out the authenticity of the document is to be verified, [...]

Translate this!

The Arabist Network - Wed, 23/12/2009 - 2:55pm
The literary criticism web site the Quarterly Conversation runs a feature called “Translate This!” It lists publishers’ and translators’ suggestions. There were only three from Arabic, copied below: Translator KAREEM JAMES ABU-ZEID: The single Arab author I believe to be the most in need of translation is the Lebanese novelist Rabee Jaber, born in 1972. He [...]

Links for Dec.21.09 to Dec.23.09

The Arabist Network - Wed, 23/12/2009 - 8:58am
* Middle East Online | The End of Brotherly Love? | Tarek Kahlaoui on the Egyptian MB. * The Israel Lobby and the Prospects for Middle East Peace « P U L S E | Lectures by Stephen Walt. * Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine | Investigation by Washigton Report. * Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without [...]


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