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SGI IS4600 unboxing

Zein’s place on the net - Tue, 19/04/2011 - 4:40am
We recently purchased an additional IS-4600 disk array from SGI filled to the brim with 2TB SATA disks. Once we build all th LUNs (8+2 raid 6) we will end up with an additional (usable) 680 TB of disk. This beast can handle an aggregate 6.4GB/s of I/O and can sustain 175K read (45K write) [...]

Egyptian 2010 Elections

Zein’s place on the net - Sun, 28/11/2010 - 8:01pm
Sunday, the 28th of November 2010 was a sad day for Egypt. It was a day that could have been the beginning of a new era of progress and justice. It was the 2010 parliamentary elections in Egypt. Unfortunately the ruling dictatorship had other ideas. It followed its usual tactics of hiring thugs to scare [...]

Beautiful Data

Zein’s place on the net - Fri, 05/11/2010 - 5:15am
My Mphil thesis was on sparse matrix vector products and while visualising the datasets I worked with I felt that the patterns the sparse matrices took were often quite interesting. Recently I noticed that the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection was displaying the visualisation work done by Yifan Hu which you can see here. [...]

I am off to Egypt

Zein’s place on the net - Fri, 23/04/2010 - 8:54am
After almost 2 years away from the land I love, I am going to Egypt for 2 weeks. I leave Sydney on Friday the 23rd of April. I can’t wait to see all my family and friends. Egypt, here I come!!

Virgin Mobile Broadband with Ubuntu

Zein’s place on the net - Sun, 27/12/2009 - 7:33am
I have being meaning to get myself a mobile broadband USB modem for casual use. It makes sense if you do not want to shell out $15-$20 for wifi an hour. Whenever I take my family for a holiday on the cost, or find myself waiting at an airport I can just get online. The [...]

Ubuntu 9.10 is great

Zein’s place on the net - Thu, 17/12/2009 - 4:02am
I just updated 3 machines to ubuntu 9.10. My Desktop, my netbook and my mythtv machine. All of them were updated flawlessly except my notebook where the grub2 configuration was not updated… Chaos followed until I figured out that the kernel being booted was messed up and subsequently figured out that I needed to fixup [...]

OpenSolaris Automagic homedir Creation

Zein’s place on the net - Mon, 31/08/2009 - 2:17pm
Often with LDAP setups a user will log into a box where his home directory doesn’t exist. Linux provides us with a module that automagically creates missing home directories for you. No such module exists for opensolaris. This bug report offers an alternative using autofs. #!/bin/bash # if the filesystem is available under /export/home, then serve [...]

I Start a New Job

Zein’s place on the net - Sun, 19/07/2009 - 2:23am
A bout 2 weeks a go, I started a new Job at ANU Supercomputer Facility (ANUSF). I must admit that I am a bit excited and hope that I will be content over there. This should be getting exciting in the next couple of months as they are installing a new supper computer. They are [...]

At long last I submit my thesis

Zein’s place on the net - Fri, 24/04/2009 - 10:19am

Today I finally submitted my thesis titled “Use of Graphics Processing Units for Sparse Matrix Vector Products in Statistical Machine Learning Applications”. The relief I feel is amazing. To all the research students out there in the final stages of submitting, may your journey be easier than mine.

I am off to watch a movie or something….

Wistrons Pursebook with Arabic Keyboard. Cool.

Zein’s place on the net - Sat, 04/04/2009 - 8:46am

I was looking at the new Pursebook at engadget [link] and I noticed that the keyboard had Arabic characters. Kind of exciting I as I am planing to get myself one of these new ARM netbooks when they come out later this year. Having an Arabic enabled keyboad would be a big plus.

Happy Eid & عيد مبارك

Zein’s place on the net - Tue, 30/09/2008 - 7:00pm

كل عام و أنتم بخير و الى الله أقرب
May every Eid find you ever closer to Allah

Book Collection Managment for Linux

Zein’s place on the net - Fri, 26/09/2008 - 7:56am

Once upon a time, the options available to Linux users interested in managing their book collections were limited. The situation was so bleak that I attempted to create my own web-based application. That app was fine until I tried to host it on my 64MB VPS and failed (RoR had a footprint of 60MB all by itself)!

Dell Mini 9: Good Netbook but Pricing All Wrong

Zein’s place on the net - Sat, 06/09/2008 - 1:03am

I have not found a netbook that I feel 100% comfortable with. All the products out there have either too much or too little. The EEEPC901 comes the closest but is a bit too expensive for my taste (I would guess it is all the extra SSD).

Star Wars Comedy

Zein’s place on the net - Mon, 25/08/2008 - 10:09pm

I found this to day and I found it so funny I had to share it!

Home ZFS NAS Upgrade

Zein’s place on the net - Fri, 08/08/2008 - 8:09pm

Ever since I put together my low budget NAS, I have been wanting to upgrade it. Initially it was a proof of concept, now it needs to be low power and functional. The old NAS was a 32-bit system (32-bit makes ZFS crawl). I wanted a low power and cheap 64 bit system and so I ended up getting a atom 230 based mini-itx system from Intel… The D945GCLF. I fitted 1GB of RAM and used a 4GB CF card as the hard disk (via a CF-IDE adapter).

ICCS08 Day 1

Zein’s place on the net - Tue, 24/06/2008 - 12:13pm
Getting to Krakow

I got in Krakow on the 22nd at about 9:30 AM. The hotel wouldn’t let me check in until 2:00 PM so I had to walk about the city. I found a shopping mall and worked on my presentation. By the time I checked in, had a shower and prayed Duhr and Aser, I was dead tired so I went to bed. I woke up at 11:00 PM. By the time I had finished my presentation, it was 6:00AM on the 23rd. So I got ready, had breakfast and set of for the conference.

The Best Computer Science Course Ever

Zein’s place on the net - Sat, 14/06/2008 - 7:46am

Instead of explaining, I will just ask you to watch this 10 minute introduction (1st video) or the full 1 hour long presentation (2nd video). I think I will buy the book when I go to the US in July. I wish that we had professors like this in Egypt.

Mark Shuttleworth is not a terrorist

Zein’s place on the net - Thu, 05/06/2008 - 3:11am

I found this interview with Mark at the Ubuntu Developer Summit on YouTube. He is wearing a shit with Arabic writing on it. It says “I am not a terrorist” :)

Must the Friday Khutba be delivered in Arabic?

Zein’s place on the net - Tue, 18/03/2008 - 12:55am

A few weeks ago I approached one of my Muslim brothers here in Canberra to participate in delivering of Khutba’s at the Muslalah at the ANU. He told me that he had a 2 issues with the prayers being held at the Muslah. One of them was that the Khutba must be given in Arabic. He guided me to an article by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, that argues that case.

menu.lst issue with Nexenta and ZFS root

Zein’s place on the net - Sat, 23/02/2008 - 3:24am

The grub menu in Nexenta is modified thought editing the menu.lst file. However the menu.lst file in question resides in the syspool file system (the root file system is syspool/rootfs-nmu-000. This is accomplished by

zfs set mountpoint=/media/temp syspool
vi /media/temp/boot/grub/menu.lst
zfs set mountpoint=none syspool

Nexenta SATA ACPI woes

Zein’s place on the net - Sat, 23/02/2008 - 3:22am

About 2 weeks a go I bought my self a Syba 4 port PCI SATA controller based on the sil3144 chip. I then spent a week trying to figure out why, while working perfectly in Linux and FreeBSD, I couldn’t get it to work in Nexenta. After flashing the card with the non-raid version and a lot of googling, I decided to try a different flavor of opensolaris just in case. I downloaded BeleniX and gave it a go only to have the same problem.

Conspiracy theories emerge after internet cables cut

Zein’s place on the net - Mon, 04/02/2008 - 6:56am

The Egyptian ministry released a statement saying: “A marine transport committee investigated the traffic of ships in the area, 12 hours before and after the malfunction, where the cables are located to figure out the possibility of being cut by a passing vessel and found out there were no passing ships at that time”.

After 4 under sea cables have been cut in the past week, conspiracy theories emerge.

Egypt’s Loses Internet Connectivity

Zein’s place on the net - Fri, 01/02/2008 - 11:04pm

Not 100% mind you, but something like 70% after 2 undersea cables were damaged due to ship anchors.

I phoned my Family in Alexandria, Egypt and they tell me that the Internet is so slow it is unusable. I can’t imagine living without broadband let alone without Internet at all.

NAS based on Nexenta and ZFS

Zein’s place on the net - Wed, 30/01/2008 - 1:40pm

For some time now I have been flirting with the idea of getting myself a Network Attached Storage (NAS). I get excited about the idea of having all my important files and stuff on a single device that supports raid 1. I can then reinstall Ubuntu on my laptop as many times as I want without having to worry about moving data somewhere safe first. I will not have to give up my laptop to my wife because that is where we keep all our personal digital photos and videos and she really wants to send the latest snapshots of our daughter to her mother... NOW.

The year of the low cost Linux machines

Zein’s place on the net - Thu, 17/01/2008 - 9:51pm

Is this a poor geeks dream or what? It is like I have been dreaming for a small low cost laptop for years and then all at once every one wants in on this market.


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