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Alexander Larsson - Mon, 04/06/2007 - 10:48am
The (so far unnamed, but we're working on that) baby hasn't given us much sleep recently. But she is very cute!

I put up some photos on flickr.

Translated desktop folders in Gnome/Fedora

Alexander Larsson - Mon, 12/03/2007 - 4:16pm
For a long time Gnome and other desktops have been using an english directory name for the desktop folder (and a few other common directories like music, download and documents). There has been a lot of discussions (read: flamewars) on how to localize these filename. After the last one I've finally broken down and done something about this. So, I present to you xdg-user-dirs.

On automatic bugreports

Alexander Larsson - Wed, 18/10/2006 - 7:35am
I've been looking at some nasty nautilus crashers this week, including bug 343488 which has several hundreds of duplicates in bugzilla. Thankfully the bug team has managed to mark all of these as duplicates, or this would be a major undertaking.

Ascending from the ninth circle of X hell

Alexander Larsson - Wed, 30/08/2006 - 11:37am
I've spent most of yesterday and today in the ninth circle of X hell, also known as XKB onfiguration. However, I'm now starting to see the light from above.

Why would anyone willingly look at XKB configuration you might ask. Well, I recently got a MacBook Pro, and the keyboard layout it used is slightly different than the regular pc105 keyboard. The main problems are that the key to the left of "1" and the key to the left of "z" somehow got their keycodes swapped, and the fact that there is no right Alt which means its hard to type certain symbols (there is a right Apple key though).

Continuing adventures of bonobo and gnome-vfs

Alexander Larsson - Fri, 07/07/2006 - 2:38pm
After some discussion with Michael Meeks about yesterdays post we decided to move the problematic gnome-vfs functions to libbonobo, so that we can totally avoid bonobo in gnome-vfs. This is ok, since these functions are useless unless you use bonobo yourself, so you'll be linking to libbonobo if you use them. In fact all old apps are guaranteed to do this since gnome-vfs pulled in libbonobo.

Bonobo support method: dlopen

Alexander Larsson - Thu, 06/07/2006 - 6:43pm
Earlier today I landed the dbus-vfs branch to gnome-vfs HEAD, which uses dbus for all communications with the gnome-vfs daemon. Also, gicmo moved the gnome-vfs monikers into a separate module, so we're ready to remove bonobo from gnome-vfs now. Unfortuntately the gnome-vfs API has these calls in the public API:

Bonobo_ServerInfo * gnome_vfs_mime_get_default_component (const char *mime_type);
GList *             gnome_vfs_mime_get_all_components    (const char *mime_type);

Gtk+ printing talk slides

Alexander Larsson - Wed, 28/06/2006 - 1:20pm
Kris requested that I put up the presentation from the Gtk+ printing talk, so here it is.

Guadec is great this year, I really like the extended length of it. However, I seem to have gotten some kind of cold. I got a headache and don't feel very well.

Gtk+ printing support

Alexander Larsson - Fri, 21/04/2006 - 3:41pm
Today we finally landed the printing branch of gtk+. This means that if you build gtk+ from cvs (what will become 2.10) you get support for page setup and print dialogs.

The actual printing is done through Cairo, which recently has gotten some kick-ass work from Carl Worth on the PDF and postscript backends. On windows cairo draws using GDI, so the native print drivers are used. In fact, on windows you even get the native print dialogs.

From a users perspective there are two new dialogs. First the Page Setup dialog:

Nautilus memory use, part 2

Alexander Larsson - Tue, 18/04/2006 - 5:06pm
Today I took the memory use analysis from thursday and started fixing the things I noticed.

First I changed the text embedded in icons so that we only read 10x5 characters normally, and re-read more only when icons are larger than "normal". Then I changed the PangoLayout handling in the icon container so that PangoLayouts are cached only for icons that are visible in the view.

I also made the icon cache a bit more aggressive in getting rid of old old cached icons. We now free most of the cache when Nautilus has been

Nautilus memory use analysis

Alexander Larsson - Thu, 13/04/2006 - 2:59pm
Yesterday I hacked up a glib patch to track memory use. Its a g_malloc replacement that has some memory type tracking features which are nicely integrated with common glib/gtk+ types. All the app has to do is call g_mem_set_vtable(glib_mem_tracker_table) the first thing you do in main, and then calling g_mem_track() will write the full allocation information into a file called "memtrack.dat" in the current directory. You can then use a separate app to analyze this file at your leasure.

So, what does this give us for Nautilus? I started it, browsed

Lisp pointer size?

Alexander Larsson - Fri, 24/03/2006 - 1:58pm
Today I got this from emacs:

Warning: memory in use exceeds lisp pointer size
Killing some buffers may delay running out of memory.
However, certainly by the time you receive the 95% warning,
you should clean up, kill this Emacs, and start a new one.

I've never seen that before. The process was just 126 megs and about two months old.

Gtk+ printing on windows

Alexander Larsson - Fri, 03/02/2006 - 10:38am
This week I have continued to work on the highlevel platform independent Gtk+ printing API (availible in libegg in cvs). Its getting pretty good by now, and I have a couple of test apps that verify the API works.

Print yourself!

Alexander Larsson - Fri, 27/01/2006 - 11:25am
I've been working a bit on a printing API for gtk+. Its a highlevel API that integrates cairo, pango and a native print dialogs. Its really easy to get nice printing output, and it will work on all platforms, using native printing. I just made a code drop so that people can look at the APIs and comment on it.

The example code in it is pretty awesome, it actually prints itself. Here is the output pdf.

At last!

Alexander Larsson - Wed, 25/01/2006 - 11:38am
Daniel Veillard built the ekiga beta (ekiga is basically GnomeMeeting 2.0) in rawhide yesterday, so I decided to try it out. For the longest time I've thought GnomeMeeting was a really cool idea, but whenever I tried to actually use it I'd alway fail due to some firewall issue. (I have a pretty standard setup with a Linksys WRT54 broadband router as firewall.)

Not so this time!

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Alexander Larsson - Wed, 07/12/2005 - 3:25pm
The last two weeks I have been working on the nautilus-search (and now nautilus-search2) branch of Nautilus. The initial code in this branch was written by andersca and was later maintained by joe. It had a pluggable search interface with a beagle implementation that let you easily search for files from Nautilus. Places->Search in the menu would give you a text entry in the toolbar, and when you typed text there the matches was shown in the normal directory view. Here is how it looked:

Sabayon LDAP support

Alexander Larsson - Fri, 11/11/2005 - 2:13pm
Earlier this week I blogged about Sabayon, the profile editor. I got several comments about how it would be nice if it supported LDAP. So, I spent some time this week hacking up LDAP support.

I wrote some initial documentation on how this works, and now I'd like some feedback. The system is very flexible and IMHO nice, but I've never administrated an LDAP network, so I'm not the best person to ask.

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