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Korora Love, Why Wayland, Microsoft Monopoly - original work by srlinuxx - Sun, 06/03/2016 - 8:44am

Korora 23 was released February 7 and today Jack Germain said you'll love it. Matthias Clasen today blogged that Wayland would still not be the default in Fedora 24 and Ubuntu convergence is starting to impress. Tim Sweeney, founder Epic Games and creator Gears of War, said Microsoft is (shockingly) trying to create a monopoly and a new startup is creating something on which users can run their choice of Windows or Ubuntu.

Debian 9 Delay, Linux PTSD, and Shells - original work by srlinuxx - Fri, 04/03/2016 - 9:49am

The top story of this slightly slow new day was the announcement from Jonathan Wiltshire, Debian release assistant, stating Debian 9 would be delayed two months. Steven Ovadia dug up an interesting blog post from someone claiming to suffer from Linux Desktop PTSD and KDE announced a new community outreach program. Jason Baker posted a round-up and poll of the top five Linux shells and why do distros look so darn insecure?

Mint Recovery, Tumbleweed Updates, Charlie Brown Ubuntu - original work by srlinuxx - Thu, 03/03/2016 - 9:36am

Today in Linux news Clement Lefebvre today said that things are back up and running over in Mintland with more security measures in place. Douglas DeMaio posted of the latest Tumbleweeds news including new KDE app store and Jack Wallen asked, "Why's everybody all pickin' on Ubuntu?" The Free Software Foundation said to 'read the fine manual' in answer to the ZFS GPL question and another security vulnerability involving SSLv2 was announced.

ReactOS, openSUSE Reports, Miller on Fedora - original work by srlinuxx - Sat, 27/02/2016 - 8:09pm

With Tumbleweed back up and running, Dominique Leuenberger is back with another weekly update while Neil Rickert test drove new Argon and Krypton. said ReacOS is the "perfect Windows alternative" and said RebeccaBlackOS is a "class act." Fedora's Matthew Miller spoke to PCWorld's Chris Hoffman about what's brewing at the blue hat and Riccardo Padovani video interviewed Mark Shuttleworth in tonight's Linux news.

Mint Under Fire, Ubuntu Mixed Reviews - original work by srlinuxx - Wed, 24/02/2016 - 2:38pm

Since Sunday's Mint reveal, a certain segment of users is upset over the lack of security measures that lead to the February 20 attack. Bryan Lunduke is impressed with a video of Ubuntu on a tablet, but actual users less so. A KDE NEON unstable repository is open and Jeff Law introduced folks to the new features in GCC 6. And finally,in light of the Mint mishap, Kevin Fenzi has offered up a "Fedora distribution download primer."

Oh No, Linux Mint Hacked, ISO's Compromised - original work by srlinuxx - Tue, 23/02/2016 - 11:34am

The Linux Mint Website, forums, and images were hacked this weekend. Clement Lefebvre announced the breach to the public Sunday morning saying, "I’m sorry I have to come with bad news. We were exposed to an intrusion today." The hacker spoke with ZDNet today about his motivations and the extent of the damage, which includes uploading a version of Mint 17.3 Cinnamon with backdoors and selling forum user data on the black market.

openSUSE and PCLOS Highlight Community Builds with KDE - original work by srlinuxx - Sun, 21/02/2016 - 10:35pm

Douglas DeMaio today blogged of two community distributions based on openSUSE that offer the latest in KDE Plasma and Applications. openSUSE has commonly been a showcase for cutting-edge KDE builds, so this just seems fitting. In other news, the PCLOS project highlighted a community build featuring KDE 3 fork Trinity and a high-profile Ubuntu developer addressed concerns over ZFS licensing issues.

Ubuntu LTS Updated While Tumbleweed Stalls - original work by srlinuxx - Fri, 19/02/2016 - 11:48am

The Ubuntu folks released an update to their 14.04 long term supported release bringing a new kernel and some updated packages. Speaking of Ubuntu, Matthew Garrett, software developer and social activist, today blogged about Canonical's IP policy and redistribution restrictions. Elsewhere, Bruce Byfield enumerated the advantages of Open Source Software and Douglas DeMaio announced a delay in Tumbleweed development.


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